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Episode 14

Rob and Adam see what you have to say about politeness, and Emily and Carolina discuss a certain boy...

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(Note that this exercise is designed to work with most English accents – some words may sound different in other accents.)


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Do you have lots of online friends? And do you know all of those friends in real life? Is online friendship different from real life?


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Intermediate: B1


hello everybody
i am new here i like this kind of studying i want to improve my english please give me some ideas.thank you in adnavce

Hi Everyone,
I want to keep in touch in English speaking because my English is so terrible. So anyone can help me to practices with me? Many Thanks

Hello friends

Iam happy to be here, I really need your help on how to improve my English

Thanks a lot

Dear All,
My name is Jackson. I'm from Singapore and want to improve my English speaking. If anyone can help me to show the way to improve English. Thanks a lot.

Yes, online friendship is different from real life. It's better to meet people face to face. Greetings!!!

Hello everybody,
Thank you for your great help. for the question, I'd like to say that online friendship is totally different from real life. so I personally don't have many online friends. The reason is that I don't know them very well. You may like someone or hate him on  Facebook, but if you meet him face to face you may feel differently; sometimes you are shocked!
any way, we have to cope with online friendship because it's becoming an important part of our life.
Thank you everyone, good bye.

this podcast contain a lot of things to learn

hi everybody I am AYOUB,I am learning English here and I am very tough student ,if you like work with me i am here............

hello everyone

Hi Everybody
This is my second comment and İ'd like to chat and know many friend from foreign and also my
country .İ hope i will.........