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Episode 14

Rob and Adam see what you have to say about politeness, and Emily and Carolina discuss a certain boy...

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(Note that this exercise is designed to work with most English accents – some words may sound different in other accents.)


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Do you have lots of online friends? And do you know all of those friends in real life? Is online friendship different from real life?


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Intermediate: B1


Hi, everyone.
It' s my pleasure to attend this great web-site
I live in Seoul, South Korea.
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Hi Huh Nam Ju,
I like very much your country.I already know Seoul.But I didn't visit your country.I watched lot of korean dramas.

Hi Nam Ju,
I'm afraid you should read again the House Rules for LearnEnglish. They say that you cannot share personal information, such as email addresses on this website.
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

Hi everbody!
This is the first comment that is written by me.
I am a manager of a big food company and i try to improve my level.
I have been listening the pods for two months.
I don't know why i write this comment!
I suppose it starts something good.
Anyway good evening for everbody.

I have some friend on the internet but many of them are not my friend in my real life and are the people I know somehow. The real friendship is the one that is face to face.

I am new and i am determined to learn english.Please does anyone can help me?

hello dear. i am a science teacher. it is good site.  i want to speaking English. any body please help me.........

I'm Nati

Hello! this course is very interesting.

When you love someone  your live became happy !!!