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Episode 16

Adam is impressed by how much you know about London. In Newcastle, Carolina meets a horrible customer in the shop and that's just the start of a very bad day.

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Intermediate: B1


Hi FloDieci,
I absolutely agree with you.
Warm regards,
Umi Zahrok

Hi FloDieci:
Traveling makes me  feel better as well. On the other hand , thanks to the internet , contacting with the others form different cultures gives me new experience and stepping forward with my everyday-learning.
admin will you please edit my text above and show me any mistakes in building the sentences.

I am MOHANAD not Mohammed.
I think if Carolina go to the nature she will be so much better than the first time.
Once I have been in another country. it was awful, so that time Did not stop crying. without my friends without anyone I know. it was hard time for me but then I called my mother then I felt so much better than the first time and my mother said to me to be happy and quiet. because she want to come to me into five hour then I felt like I am in heaven because I didn't know anyone there and it is really isn't easy to make a relationship with the other people who cannot speak your language. but I was lucky. because I can speak English language well.

I'd like because I feel very good. I hope to learn more every day.
Thanks. Yenifer