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Episode 18

Adam reads your comments about families and we find out if Carolina is feeling any better.



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Intermediate: B1


when i feel sad i just want to stay alone at home it is something about my personality i like very much be at home

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it is not locked you can click on it an answer the tasks
sorry for my terrible english .

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When I'm feeling sad, I like to take a walk on a quiet and beautiful park part I have close to my house. It's a good place to get calm and relaxed which is good to think better about the things. Naturally, I usually look for my friends when I am unhappy, because we trust them and then we can talk to them freely. Sometimes they have good advice and cheer me up!
Fortunately, it is still easy to find places with nature in Brazil, even in big cities. I live in a city called Campinas, near São Paulo, and we have some good parks and places with lots of trees and animals. If we go to the smalls cities around Campinas, we can find places with rivers as well. But, unfortunately, some natural places has disappeared or are in dangerous as city grows or businesses are considered firstly. At the same time, there are people who are fighting to keep our forests and I consider part of this group because of the undoubtedly importance of the nature for all of us. And I am glad to live in a place that has lot of trees and looks like those places close to farms. Although I'm living in a big city, the suburb I live has dirty roads and our neighborhood has some farms and lots of trees, where we can find various species of birds, spiders, frogs and so on. I am really happy to live in a house where I can see all these kind of lives.

Whenever I feel lonely and down, I usually listen to gospoel songs. It makes me feel stronger, relived and hopeful that everything will be better. I also go out and visit places that will make me feel relaxed like the park where I can greeneries, the church where I could just be quiet and contemplate on things, and somethimes the malls where I could just walk around and watch people come and go.

It is a very sad story, but carolina must be very brave. with this audio my English improvement.

This history is so sad but I think, Carolina has to be strong, she will be with her family some day and will be happy, all of us have a sad history to tell.
Nice lesson, I can to understand every thing.

When I feel sad, I try to think of how beautiful life is, and all that God offers us. Then I reflect and say: No need to waste time being sad, always going to have bad days and good days
The countryside you can easily visit the place where I live, it is a town where there is livestock, mining, and agriculture, you can see trees, meadows, cows, horses, sheep, etc.
I have a lot of contact with nature, because I have dogs, birds and plants in my house, and on weekends I visit my grandmother's farm.