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Episode 18

Adam reads your comments about families and we find out if Carolina is feeling any better.



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Intermediate: B1


Hello Peter,

I had seen that the answer of that puzzle was at the end of the podcast but i didn't agree. After awhile i thought a little more and noticed i was wrong.
Now i agree with the answer.

Best regards


When I was a child I used to climb the trees but now mountains.I like climbing there.When I go to mountains I am feeling much better.Everthing is silent,harmonious,simle and safety.I learned swimming myself in a little stream in my village.Perhaps it could be dangerous but the nature taught me swimming.I live in a big city but my soul dont.

In my childhood, I used to go swimming in river. it is on the way back to home. so it is convenient for us to go there and easy to gather. But neighbors told teachers to force us to stop it because the river is a little dirty. Exactly, safety is important, we did not want them to get rid of our place to play in nature.

Hi there,

When I'm feeling down, I just read some fantastic poems or listening my favourite band on the radio. Even though I'd venture to say that reading cure my soul badness.

Best regards,

Caio Carvalho

hi, guys. i want to download the audio file. is it possible? if yes, please help me how to do it. Since i have tried to click the green colored words under the pdf file to download the audio. but, it did not work. i am just able to listen it, not download it. thanks

Hello dikadjunaidi,

Did you try clicking on the green words that say 'Download audio 5.9MB (right click & save)'? If you have a computer with a mouse, you should click on top of those words using the secondary ('right') button and then choose the option 'Save As' (with the primary button) to download the audio.

Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

When i am feeling unhappy i go to park which is in my near home, then i listen to a music,
finally, i return at home and continue my works, we must learn solving of problems that happen every day or every time.

I heard the Carolina story, i understand her, OK. That,s very good, thanks

I 'am not able to undrestand what is he talking about ,,, :'(

Hello faudel,

Have you tried reading the Transcript as you listen to the podcast? The Transcript is available under Instructions & downloads in pdf form.

I hope this helps you.

Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team