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Episode 18

Adam reads your comments about families and we find out if Carolina is feeling any better.



Language level

Intermediate: B1


When I feel sad, I try to get a cold shower and have a nice juice and try to stay alone thinking . Sometimes I found my self end up crying and it's really getting worse so I share my problem with my beat friend .I phone her and chat a little bit .She is really nice person she could cheer me up and look at any positive points in any problem and make me focus on it and I feel much better afterwards. Sometimes when i am sad I go out walking long distance or go to any shopping centers and look at things without any purpose of buying just to look around and spend the time. Also listening to Qur'an and Praying makes me much better when I am really terrible.
I can't visit the country side very easily ,It's so far but I enjoy going to see the river Nile . I go there and look at his stunning view. It makes me better and gives me Positive energy . Also seeing nice trees and flowers on my street from the balcony makes me happy and relaxed and listening to the sounds of birds in the morning is really fascinating. It relaxes me a lot.

When I feel sad or frustrated I always go walking between trees and mountains in my city in the morning. I feel happy when I am listening to birds chirping under the sun shine. I am also say prays while I am walking . That helps me to be patient and calm. It is easy to go to country side nature and lie on the grass or sit down under olive or fig trees. It is so marvelous and gorgeous situations which makes me cool ,quiet ,and fresh to start new day happily. I fond of watching sunset and listening carefully to the birds when they return to their nests .I believe that nature is the best place and remedy for every disappointed and sad human.

of course..
with the natural situation make our felt be fresh..
but i am not stay like there..
#hope oneday i can feel this situation..

Poor Carolina,I understand her.The situation is well known for me. I always was supported by my friends in the case like this.

Yeah,,,really good story,,,l'm feeling her suffers in England by listening.....l never have been there but l can feel it!l understand how to learn english language is very hard...and of course without suffer we never get knowledge!
Happy stadies!

I feel I'm same as Carolina. I always worried that I cannot understand what the people say in English. Actually, I'm working hard in learning English. But I usually feel very nervous when I hear and say... I can understand Carolina

Hi. every body i have long holiday but i am back and to day i am listen too Episode18 series 03.
It is very hard when people make fun of you about languages. It is happening to me. two years ago i first cam to England and work in coffee shop.
The women she ask me about do you have ashtray i don't understand her.
I have to go and ask my manager.
she is complain and look down on people who can' t speak English.

Hi Phisamai,
I'm very sorry to hear about people making fun of you because of your English level. Often it is people who don't know another language, and therefore how difficult it can be to learn one, who make fun of others in this way.
Perhaps the best thing you can do is work to improve your English - I'm sure it will help you in many ways. I hope LearnEnglish will be useful to you with this.
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

Near my house is a large forest. I live in a big city, not the country!
There are many hills. Sometimes I go there by bike. I was training MTBO(Mountain Bike Orienteering) for few years, but unfortunately i give up doing this and my present condition is terrible! I wanna make it better. For example today I went through 42 km tour;) .I was going to go to Hungary by a bike with other students, but there were some complications and we had to give up.

Hello Admin. I find myself hard to speak English fluently. Mr. Bee's suggestions are very useful.