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Episode 18

Adam reads your comments about families and we find out if Carolina is feeling any better.



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Intermediate: B1


Hi!tnx 4 every thing!

Hi, I miss Episode 17...

Thanks for telling us - I've fixed the problem and you should be able to see it now.
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

At time when I feel sad, I preyer to God or try to writte all things that make me sad.
Too try speak to my mother.
In Bogota don´t be a zoo, but Bogota have a lot of park with lakes and forests, places that see greens very nature.
Day to day have contact with nature, these in the mornngs I listened the songs of birds.

hello again !
first, thank you for everything great on this web ! i have a question . 
in  these imperative sentences , if i say "having a shower" or "getting out of bed" instead of "have a shower " and "get out of bed ", would they be right or wrong ? ?
I know perhaps this problem is not difficult for somebody but for me, i still don't know and get it ! 
Thank you so much indeed !

Hello louder!
Don't forget to use our grammar search! You'll find a bit of information about the imperative on our clause structure page. As you can see, we use the base verb for imperatives, so having a shower and getting out of bed are both wrong.
Jeremy Bee
The LearnEnglish Team

it,s nice place...
it,s good for me . Tanks

it's nice place, i love it. thank you so much for giving me such good services.

Hello Admin 
I am from India, I know English rule as i learnt it since my school days as exam subject.   But when I try to talk in English i am not able to fellow the grammar in my speaking. If pay attention to follow English rule, It is very difficult to make conversation in English. 
Please give suggestion. 

Hello ashishvlsi!
Don't worry - your problem is very common! Many students find it hard to speak fluently and accurately. To improve you fluency when you speak, there are a few things you can do.
The most important thing is to practice! You don't have to talk to a native speaker though – try your friends and colleagues, or go to a class. Even, if you can't do that, try recording yourself using your computer or an online recorder like Try to stick to easier topics when you practice fluency, too!
The second important thing is your attitude. Don't worry about mistakes, but focus on speaking. My students often ask me how to work on fluency, and I recommend that they make some classes or practice sessions about fluency, not accuracy. Instead of trying to get things perfect, they focus on trying to speak fluently. In other sessions, we go back to working on accuracy. Don't try to do everything (fluency, grammar, pronunciation) at once! 
Hope that helps!
Jeremy Bee
The LearnEnglish Team