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Episode 20

The end is here! But not forever... This is the last podcast of Series 3. Adam talks about animal noises and we hear the latest from Carolina and Emily.

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This is really the last podcast it's really amazing story beceause i been listening to all episode of this podcast because i download all episode start to one into three episode on my ipod and also the transcript too,because sometime i don't have time to open my ipad or my computer thats why i download it on my ipod so i can listeng whatever i's help me really improve my speaking my writing and also my listening is improve i can't wait for the new episode so i can download to my ipod i'm really get excited For the new coming episode hope more exciting story too and more fun activity lesson so we can anwer the question what we learn to the podcast thank you british council

Hello Markbrian,
It's great to hear that LearnEnglish is helping you with your study. This is the end of Series 3, but Series 4 will be out in 2013.
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

Thanks a lot...

let's study English and IELTS is your goal:)

Hi all,
I am new here, I come from Vietnam.
This podcast's very interesting, especially about what does sound of animal like. In my country, dogs usually say "Go go" , goats say "Be be", cows say "Muz muz"...( I can remember anything else at the moment, you can visit my very beautiful country and find out yourself :D) I think animals in my country should need a dictionary if they want to understand each other in other country on the world :D
As for the place for first date, I don't have any idea because I still haven't a boyfriend. But If I must choose, I would like to choose a luxurious restaurant  :D Ha ha, I  feel sorry for whoever's going to date me :)))) Just kidding, never mind :)
Umh, about the place to meet my friend? I think I would like to meet my friend in the park which has a lot of tree, flowers... especially in Autumn because the weather is nice, breeze and cool... We can take a walk and get some fresh air during talking about everything around us.
Thanks again for the podcast, I think it very useful to me and any student who want to make English easier.

Hi Chihirochan , you forgot a bout Bubble tea cafe shop in VietNam, it's always great place for dating, Almost bubble tea cafe shop in our country have the concept fit for teenager , like soft music , there're no chair , people sit on mattress , low table , I think it's cool , don't agree? Feedback at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hello there, Dennis!
That's really interesting to know! The Bubble tea shops do sound really cool; they're popular in Taiwan, too.
However, we hope that people will leave feedback here - please remember that our house rules ask you not to share your personal information. This is to protect all our users!
Why not just make interesting comments like this one on the website? I am sure other users are interested in reading them - I know I am!
Best wishes
Jeremy Bee
The LearnEnglish Team

im Tayma im from palestine

hello,  I hope to improve my bad english on this site!

Hi! i love this site