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Episode 02

Carolina and Emily are also back for Series 4! Along with Jo and Adam, they talk about the time of year when bargains can be had – the January sales!

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I don't have a particular feeling about the sales because I only buy something when I need it, I don't use to wait until sales time to buy the things I need and I think people should buy things only when they really need them, for instance, if I only will use 2 pairs of shoes why should I buy another one only because is cheap. I think sales and bargains are good when people really need what they buy, lots of people in my country buy clothes and stuff on sales and then they use it only once, that's problematic consumerism.
I'm not sure when's the most popular time for sales in my country but I've noticed that in the time between seasons(for instance summer-autumn) all shops that sell clothes reduce the prices for the summer clothes to get rid of it before the autumn comes.

Thanks for the episode.
Great site!!

Hi English writers ;)

It is very well to write your opinion about your country sales. Also there are sales in Poland. Polish people loves discounts which is why shops constantly show discounts on some products. Of course there are special occasions like autumn clothes sales or opening the new shops where they offer many good bargains. Then there are queues and a crowd.

I remember once special occasion in Warsaw. I appeared in front of the shop early morning. Polish people stayed very polite in the queue. The shop door was closed yet. When the doors was opened, people ran into the shop to catch products. This is always very fanny and sometimes these actions are shown on the Internet.

However, I achieved the leather wallet and the leather gloves with reduced price there.

Indeed I like discounts and I always read ingredients of each product because the palm oil is no good for the environment and I like products with more meat.

I make shopping in UK and discounts are here also. As well as many shops have the special card for their clients. Then the prices are cheaper. It is great idea!

Best wishes for everyone
Let good bargains be in your stores

hello from Brazil!
Well,sales can be fantastic if there are true sales in the shops.Nowadays in Brazil there is black friday,which means on black friday the prices are lower,but the truth is here in Brazil,the shops keep the same prices,whether is black friday or not.So,it doesn't make any sense to buy things in those false sales events.

yes sales can be great,i d love sales specially on digital goods.

in our country iran , there isnt a definit time for sales.

I guess everybody loves bargains as evidenced by always lots of people there at these events. I can’t but notice that many becomes a bit crazy amid something store announced big discounts. As long as you are crowded by loads of people trying to push each other, all that can make you unfocused and distracted, so you can’t do purchase properly. I mean myself. That’s why I dislike these events when it’s so crowded that can contribute to my head hurts, so those who doesn’t know me enough find it to be stranger enough why I avoid from being there. Even when there is almost empty at some shop it’s always getting hard for me to do shopping cause I tend to hesitate a lot trying to make a good choice between several things. There is my own approach of how to be on sales without being crowded. I prefer doing it by means of internet. There are sales occurs there from time to time as well.
The most popular places for sales are some big and famous shops as a rule and it doesn’t matter what season of the year is outside. You just come and they ask you whether you wanna get a discount card but besides after you took them your phone number, you are always up to date when the next sales coming.

In my country nearly all of clothes shops have end-of-season sales in the end of summer and winter. They sale clothes to empty their stocks and bring new season clothes.
Another time that people like to buy cheap things in my country, is the day before our new year. I remember when I was young I liked to go out with my sister the last day of year and we usually went to Bazar [the biggest market in my city]. There were many shops and venders around venders sold very cheap and interesting things and shopkeepers brang their wares outside and they sold things cheaper. We enjoyed of buying cheaper goods though it was so crowded.
Now I don't like to go to those places in the end of year because I really don't enjoy of buying the things I want when all the people push you and, wait long time to using fitting room. Actually I hate buying in crowded places I'd rather buy when the shops are empty and quiet.

I think i'm not really interested in sales, during this period shopes are very crowded and people go crazy. They jostle in the aisles, fighting each other for clothes, computers and almost for evey things, they even spend sleepless nights in front of the shopping centres and for what purpse? to buy something maybe they don't really need it. What kind of a crazy world are we living in?


I don't buy at the sales because I would have to travel to the nearest town by public transport. If I bought something in town and I would want to give something back I would need to travel back to this town again, which always costs money and a lot of time.

I mainly buy by mail order shopping. I've got two weeks to decide whether I keep the goods. If I wanted to give them back I could do that at a shop in the same village where I live.

I don't buy t-shirts for less than 20 euro because I'm expecting bad quality then. I hope that the material is at least 99 per cent cotton. The conditions under which the workers work are of no importance for me.


I really like sales in all time .I'm enjoy .

Hi Everyone,
I agree with Carolina What she say is true everything But there are the system all over the world. System name is capitalism. No longer we live with it. I am sorry say that is our life sytle. we did it. we have been depletive comminty while we had been producing comminty. we are eating the world. we will not find to produce anything. We will eat everything. The capitalism is like a snowball effect. İt is getting big day by day. We have a lots things. cars, TV, high tecnology mobile phone, foods etc. in Future We will not find to even for eat a bread. We must stop. in future is very dark. good night. sweat dreams if There are asleep people.