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Episode 02

Carolina and Emily are also back for Series 4! Along with Jo and Adam, they talk about the time of year when bargains can be had – the January sales!

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Hello everyone, hello Adam, Joe. My name is Nguyen Hieu. I'm from Viet Nam. I not like sale much because it is too crowded. In my country, it usually happens in the last off the season. Sometimes I can buy favorite clothes in sale. :D

I do not agree with you. you can see many store makes sale at the begining of the season. for example, now is stating of winter, and there are many store makes sale blankets and pilows

In my country South Sudan , there's sales but we do importing from neighboring ,but there's no specific sales ,because of Economic crisis , If i go to market I can buy the sale that , I admired it ,if it's cheap...!

Hello everyone. My country don't have special sales because of the economic crisis. I am from Venezuela and I remember special sales in the stores maybe 3 years ago, usually in the month of january and October, but now not. It's very difficult the economic situation right now.

In Egypt , sales are going these days by the end of the summer , all the shops want to get rid of all summer things and preparing their shops for Autumn and Winter .So we can buy new & cheap cloths these days.

My Country always held sales for end of the year and Big Holy Day.
But there are no really discount, they raise the price and then give discount, sometime almost 90%.

in my country there are two time for sales one in february and the other in august
actually,they are not often real sales because many shops write very high prices on the ticket and then reduce them for 30% -50% and 70%, in addition, some shops offer low-quality goods which nobody want to buy them but sometimes it is a real sale and we can get bargains. in the sales the shops aren't very crowded they are bit more crowded than usual.
pleas can you correct me if i wrote something wrong
thank you very much

In my country there no real sales. Sometimes shops and companies announced sales, but actually they offer things which nobody wants to buy.

Hi teacher;I'd like to listen and watch this program but I can't .Why???.And I'd like to ask questions that it wassuitable for computer and mp3 only .Now I'm using android phone.Let me know.What about cause problem??