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Episode 03

Tess and Ravi talk about one of the most emblematic forms of transport in London. You guessed it! The big, red double-decker buses! Jo and Adam join them in speaking about transport.

Tess & Ravi



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Intermediate: B1
Pre-intermediate: A2


I like going to school by bike because it's friendly-environmentally. You can go everywhere you want, it's free. Riding a bike also helps to reduce the pollution and make the air fresher.

My favorite transport is bus and i like to travel on them frequently. When i was in college I used to travel in mini car to go to the college and during university life I prefer to travel in local buses mostly. Now i am doing job and mostly travel by Laguna which is not familiar in urban side.In our country tourists mostly travel in cars because the tourist places are very far from each other and lots of traffic jam in cities. So people prefer to travel in AC cars so that they can enjoy a cool refreshing feeling while sitting idle in a hot sunny day traffic jam.

I've been in Ho Chi Minh for 4 years. And till now, I think the infrastruture, worseing. There're too much motorbike, but the pubic transports, like buses are not focused to developt. I'm sure you will get sick if you want to ride in HCM in the Rush Hour.

I live in Ho Chi Minh City Which has a lot of motorbike, the traffic is usually jam on rush hours. I like to drive a car and get members of my family to travel, but car price in Vietnam has more expensive than other country. I can't have money to buy it, addition the car isn't compatibility with traffic of HCM City. I hope my city could improve traffic systems by public vehicle.

Hello everyone.
My favorite type of transport is by train,but unfortunately I can't travel with it very often.In my city people travel by bus, tram and underground and for those who want to make effort with own body, they can cycling, we have a good tracks for bicycles. Here in Bucharest also we have double-decker bus for tourists. It doesn't have a name but I can describe it, it's white with two levels and the level two doesn't have the roof. That it for people who wants to see better the sightseeing. And people frequently hire bicycles in the city most of them are tourists.
I work close to my home so I get to work by walk even it's raining or snowing because it gets only ten minutes door to door.
When I was in London I had chance to travel on the red buses, the famous Routemaster. And of course my favorite seat was the second level in front just above the driver. From that place I have seen very well all the sightseeing in London. I had a love journey on this buss I took a lot of pictures it was lovely

I like walking by my town and I travel by bus for the long distance. I pay two pounds for the my return ticket to local transport service provider. There are not traffic jam because it is a small town. When I visit London I like to travel on the red double-decker bus. I'd like to take a seat at upstairs for the sightseeing. Thanks for your support,

I like travelling by train, i think that it is the most comfortable mode of transport. But unfortunately in my small city, trains doesn't drive frequently. In my opinion when somebody must go shleep this way of transport is the most appropriate. But if you go abroad you should choose plane i think. I study in different city than i live, and i always travel by bus. It takes me 50 minutes, every day.

Hi! My favorite transport is bike because the Traffic in my city is not too good so move by bike is quite convenient. Although is a Capital, Ha noi doesn't have the Effective Traffic. The streets are always full of cars, motorbikes and buses no matter it's not in rush hour. So it's very difficult to move, you always have to concentrate in the street. It's also difficult to walk because most of pavements are so narrow or the other become the illegal parking.

Hello English learning team,
I want really to thank you for the great website and for your effort with us the self learners, I am very happy to send my comments frequently on the website, as before I was getting shy from writing comments due to errors I may make, but when I red the rules of the website which told us not to be worried about making errors, that gave me self confidence to write without being shy anymore, I hope the same thing will happen with my speaking as well, as I am still feeling shy of speaking, any how I am improving.
My regards

My favorite transport in my counntry Egypt is tram, as we also have double-decker tram, when I was young I'd like to get on upstairs level, it was an entertainment for me.
I saw the red double decker bus as well in Dubai where I went on a vacation, tourists like it very much as they get on the bus for a touristic tour.