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Episode 04

Carolina and Jamie go to the pub and see something they didn't expect. Should they tell Emily? Jo and Adam examine the pronouns Carolina and Jamie use to talk about what they saw.

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Hi Tangel!
Oh, no I don't.
Sorry, maybe I couldn't write my opinion in a very clearly way. I try explaining again...

I mean that It's better to be alone, without a relationship than to be with someone having a bad behavior with you.

And about what Carolina should do, I mean that she should tell Emily, nevertheless do not tell all things that she saw there at the first moment, it depends on Emily reactions for know the whole true. For Instance:
- Hey Emily, how is going you relationship with Cameron?
- Oh.. It's okay. Actually, he asked me out to a movie.
- Oh dear... I have to say something disappointing and really embarrassing... I am so sorry...
- What happened Carolina?

So in my opinion, in this case, Carolina should not say:
- I saw Cameron kissing a blond girl at pub, yesterday.

I know, that's the truth, but we could say the same in a different way. For instance:
- Ohh... Emily, yesterday I saw Cameron with another girl and they were not acting just like friends. I'm sorry.

So that's it :)

Hi, Marina. I definitely agree with you. Carolina should tell Emily in a "softer way" so Emily won't be too shocked. After knowing the fact, Emily can consider and make a decision on what to do.

Hi Dewi !

Yes, :) !!!

I think that Jamie should to talk with Emily, she's him sister. But i don't trust in Jamie he want forget all. So, it's better that Carolina talk with Emily, she shoud to know. May be she already knows this situation and she need help.

I think Caroline and jimmy should not interfere in personal matter of cameron

Hi all,
I think carolina must tell this to her friend emily and jamie should too. Because Cameron was not supposed to kiss another woman as he is emily's boyfriend. Emily likes and loves him very much.

In my opinion, Carolina should tell her about what she saw, but she should not give out details at first moment. Firstly, I suggest that she talk with Emily about how is going her relationship with Cameron. Secondly, tell to Emily that she saw Cameron with a girl,nevertheless not as just as friend. So, I would suggest that according to Emily reactions, Caroline will be able to give more details about what she really saw.
Supposing that Cameron has had a bad behavior, I would conclude that:
Emily is a good and reliable person and do not deserve to be treated like that, she deserve a mature man. So, Carolina should say what she saw and Emily should get over it ... I am sure that she will... because as said Marilyn Monroe "It's better to be unhappy alone than unhappy with someone - so far".

Best regards,


Hi Marina I read your comment you are probably right but according to your openion Emily could think something wrong about Carolina if she says as per your openion there can be some reasons and first of all I'm not going to be concervative about women Carolina might think wrong about her friend may Carolina isn't happy with my love she seems jealous about Cameron because he is going to perform live at gig he could become much popular in the future and Jemie is only musician you know apparently my openion is concervative but it happens in real life best friends can have break up their older friendship neverthless it would be better if she is sincere with her she has to say everything what she and Jemie saw at that place if Jemie doesn't cooperate with her she has to proof his relation with that stranger blond girl then Emily can understand and on that bitter truth otherwise she will never undestand and being a good friend we have to be honest and sincere with our friends friendship isn't only to make fun get together our free time we can help each other moraly and financialy :)

I think Carolina as Emily friend she should tell her cuz at last everything will be out about...but in the opposite Jaime needs to be close to him who was kssing the blonde girl I forgot his name actually so Jamie needs to be close to him for his work...I suppose they have not to tell Emily!