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Episode 04

Carolina and Jamie go to the pub and see something they didn't expect. Should they tell Emily? Jo and Adam examine the pronouns Carolina and Jamie use to talk about what they saw.

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Language level

Intermediate: B1
Pre-intermediate: A2


I think Carolina, as a friend, should tell the truth to Emily to avoid suffering bigger in the future.
Then Emily should understand if Cameron is lying her

it's a difficult situation. Emily need to know the truth but it can hurt her and so Carolina has to take care on her friend Emily while saying her about this event.

I think that Carolina should say Emely about Cameron and her new blond friend. She is her friend and is necessary. If I was in this situation, I definitely would say to her.

I think jamei and Carolina should be open to Emily and Cameron ,to tell truths and gives some advises , for dishonor from Cameron ,that's really friendship to tell truths to each other's, even though it's chock they suppose to tell truths and good advises to both Emily and Cameron.

Hi, my name is Irina. And i'm a new memeber of this studing groop.
I think, that it is very importene to tell to Emilly the truth, becouse she shoud know it.

The best thing is telling immediatly to Emily the truth so she will know how to behave

I think Carolina tell the truth to Emily and then Emily should talk to Cameron .why he is flinging the girls?

Jamie and Carolina saw that Cameron was cheating on Emily. This is a dishonest behavior and I think they probably have to inform Emily

i think it is beter foe Carolina to tel the truth

I think Carolina must tell Emily about Cameron. And Emily should stop relations with Cameron because he's lying. If she does this straight away she may be doesn't suffer so much.