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Episode 17

To negate or not to negate? Shakespeare and negative verb forms are the topics the team speak about in this week's episode.

Tess & Ravi



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Intermediate: B1


I use Ubuntu and I have the same problem, too!

hello everyone!
I heard about Shakespeare a lot, and he is a great writer, But I didn't read any of his books.
about the most famous writers in my country Sudan, Tayeb Salih concern one of the famous writers in the Sudan and in lots of country. he is famous with his novel Season of Migration to the North.

I didn´t have to study Shakespeare at school but I´m currently reading a spanish version of Hamlet which is quite difficult to understand. On the other hand, we had one of the most great writers in the world: Gabriel García Máqruez who won a nobel prize with "100 years of solitude" in 1981. I´m reading it at the moment too.

Hi, I am Tetyana from Ukraine. I have android app on my mobile phone and I was learned podcasts via this gadget.
To my regret app does not allow to practice language exercises as at you website. So today I am here.
Shakespeare is well known in our country. A lot of theaters put on his plays. I am quite old so when I studied at school we did not learn Shakespeare in details. But self education gave our generation huge ability to be impressed of his genius masterpieces.
We have our own worldwide known poet Taras Shevchenko who was and now is the sole and heart of our nation.
Good luck to everyone.

not sole but soul

Shakespeare’s plays gave us a pretty way to express our romantic feelings!

Hi for everyone!
I have stadied Shakespeare at school, and I like his plays! My favorite one is the play about Hamlet.
There are a lots of famous writers in my country, such as Tolstoy, Chehov and Dostoyevcky. And my favourite russian writer is Tolstoy. I like his famouse novel "Peace and war". It is a novel about the Russian society in the era of the wars against Napoleon in 1805-1812 years.

Well actually I myself never read any Shakespeare's play but once I heard the story of King Lear from on of my cousin.I quite liked it but I am not a fan of him.We have an english lesson at school about Shakespeare's life.The most interesting thing that i like about Shakespeare is that he married a woman who were 3 years older than him.

I am from Bangladesh so My favorite play writer is Rabindranath Tagore.His all plays are absolutely fantastic.He went to United Kingdom for study but he could't continue study as he did not like study.So he remained uneducated.He was the first man who won novel prize in literature from subcontinent.The most important thing about him is that he wrote his first novel when he is only fifteen.I think he is one of the greatest writer in the world because nobody could write a novel at a young age like Rabindranath Tagore.

At last I would like to thanks Tess and Ravi.They are really nice specially Ravi.I like him very much.I hope one day I can meet with Ravi.So thank You all.I heard your podcast for hundreds of time.Its really improved my english.So thank you all again.Good luck with your podcast.

Hello well I'm not a big fan
I didn't hear about Shakespeare's before
And didn't study him at school
Well the other writers in my country they are not popular no body knows the writers in my country
Well I don't know ........I agree with all of you.

Hello! Everyone and special Hello to Adam and Jo! I think the language of Shakespeare makes him somewhat difficult to access for most of today's youth, but for people who have spent time studying his works, he can be hilarious, witty, inspirational, and dramatic like no one else can be. His works will make you laugh, cry, ache, and (most of all) think.Like a good work of art, Shakespeare's plays express aspects of life that transcend time. Love, revenge, war, and political intrigue are just a few themes found in his work that are applicable to any age. He continues to be read enthusiastically because those themes can still be connected to one's own time, from falling in love (Romeo and Juliet) to removal of a corrupt official (Julius Caesar) to domestic relations (Taming of the Shrew.) However, the reason is quite simple ,he has dealt the human emotion in the best way ,with all its significance and profundity.