Episode 15

Episode 15

In episode 15, Milton tells his mother about his time in Belfast. Do you think he's happy there?

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.


Milton: Hello, Mum. I hope you're feeling better and having a good rest. Alfredo said you were staying at the hospital until Monday and then you were going home – that's good news, isn't it? Is it nice having Alfredo there with you? I'll come over as soon as I can when this job is finished. Let me know if you're still going to have the wedding – I know you and Henry have wanted to do that for a long time – and of course, I have to be there. I've only got another week of filming to do here in Belfast. So let me tell you about the filming and Belfast. It's been a fantastic experience – really tiring – exhausting, in fact. Some days we have to work for 16 or 17 hours – well, we aren't actually working all those hours, but we have to be there on the set. It's more tiring to sit around and wait. I'd rather be busy. And I've met some of the actors – famous people! – I've got pictures I can send you when I have time. On Friday we had a big scene – a big battle scene – and I was given something to say!

Director: OK. Everybody in line. Soldiers over to the right. You will come in through the door of the castle. Has everybody got their swords and knives? (People saying 'Yes'/'OK'/'Sure'/'Yep', etc.) John, we need the king on his horse, standing still and waiting. And then your line, 'Am I going to die in this battle?' And someone in the crowd, one of the soldiers, answers, 'No! No! Not my king!' Who's saying that? We haven't decided yet! You! You, with the black hair!

Milton: Me?

Director: Yes, you! You say it.

Milton: No! No! Not my king!

Director: Good. OK. Take your places. Get into line …

Milton: (Practising) No! No! Not my king! No! No! Not my king!

Milton: So, there you are! 'No! No! Not my king!' Wow! It was very exciting. I can't tell you what happened to the king – we had to promise that we would never tell anyone about the story of the series. You'll have to wait until you see me on television next year. And then yesterday was my day off so I decided to see a bit of the countryside outside of Belfast. It was beautiful. There's one very famous place called the Giant's Causeway, on the coast. Amazing. I went on a bus tour …

Guide: Scientists say that the Giant's Causeway was formed by volcanic activity 50 million years ago. However, the popular legend is that it was made by the giant Finn MacCool so that he could walk across the sea to Scotland on the big stones. We may never know the truth.

Milton: What did she say?

Girl sitting next to him: It was made by a volcano 50 million years ago. Or a giant made it so that he could walk across the sea to Scotland.

Milton: Oh. Thanks. What's the giant's name?

Girl: I can't remember.

Milton: The giant's name was Finn MacCool – I had to google it when I got home. The Irish accent is really difficult for me to understand sometimes. I can understand the people who work in the hostel, but that tour guide was impossible. I had to ask the girl sitting next to me to explain everything. I'll send you some pictures of the Giant's Causeway – these big stone columns going out into the sea. It's really beautiful.

There are lots of tourists in this area. They come to see the places they saw in Game of Thrones – a lot of it was filmed around here. And do you know what happens a lot …?

Milton: So then we had to wait for three hours while they got all the horses ready.

Michael: What a drag!

Milton: Yes, it was freezing cold in there.

Woman: Excuse me!

Milton: Yes?

Woman: Are you from Game of Thrones?

Milton: Yes, we are.

Woman: Oh! I knew it! It's the beard! Martin! Come here! They're in the series! Can we have a photo? A selfie – all of us together …

Milton: Of course. Come on, all together …

Milton: It happens all the time. It makes me feel like a Hollywood film star. So, everything's going very well, Mum – you don't need to worry about anything here. And I'll see you very soon. Take good care of yourself, lots of love …


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Submitted by zo_fia on Thu, 04/05/2023 - 13:14


If I have a chance, I 'd like to take a selfie with Taeyong from NCT.

Submitted by siffraga101175 on Wed, 04/05/2022 - 13:36


Hi Jonathan,
When my family is having a reunion we like to take a selfie of everybody and my son-in-law is the responsible for the selfies because he has long arms :)
Thanks for the website and lessons. I use all of them with my students here in Brazil. It is nice to see my country in the lesson.
Thank you.

Hi siffraga101175,

We're glad to hear that! We hope you and your students enjoy the rest of the series and thanks for using our site :)


The LearnEnglish Team

Submitted by jmajo on Thu, 25/11/2021 - 13:36


I don't use to take selfies very often and I don't think I would ask a famous person to take one with me, most of the photographs I have there were taken by friends or someone of my family.

Thanks for the episode.
Great site!

Submitted by Muna on Wed, 14/07/2021 - 17:18

I don't usually take picture unless is necessary and i would take just my family