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A study trip to the UK

Listen to Ella talking about some of the most memorable moments from a study trip to the UK.

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I want to talk about my life in (the) UK. I went to study in the UK a few years ago. The most exciting experience is that I went to a host family for my Christmas holiday in December. I went there alone … on a train. It took me about one or two hours to get there, to York, and then I stayed there for one week. This was the first time that I spent time with a UK family, which I learned a lot from them. They treat (treated) me like a family member, they took me out to eat, to play and to see all the different interesting culture of their region. On Christmas Day, they even bought me some presents to celebrate the Christmas (celebrate Christmas). 

When I went back to Oxford, which was the place that I stayed for that year, I had the chance to teach in a Chinese school every Sunday. The kids are (were) about 14 years old and I taught them Chinese. They were very cute but they all speak (spoke) in English. I spent lots of time to encourage (encouraging) them to speak in Cantonese. 

During my study (studies) in the UK, I lived with (a) few other students from different countries. They are very nice and we used to cook on our own, just like a big family. Every day we will go to … every day we went to supermarkets to buy food and drinks and desserts. We cooked every day. I was not a good cook – normally I just put everything into (the) oven. And I've tried (I tried) to bake a cake before but failed and they all laughed at me. And every time when I bake(d) a cake, they never taste(d) it. We share(d) a flat together – we share(d) kitchen, bathrooms but we do (did) have our own sink and bedroom. The life (Life) in the UK is quite relaxing besides study because you can explore more and do different activities at school or even some other extracurricular activities. 

After I come (came) back (to) Hong Kong, I still keep in touch with all my friends in the UK, from different countries like Italy, Malaysia, Japan, UK and other countries. Sometimes we even send email(s) to each other, sometimes they may come to Hong Kong to visit and we will meet each other again. 

I really enjoy (enjoyed) the time in the UK. I hope you will also have the chance to explore more in other different countries in the future.



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Thanks for sharing your experience. I am going to study PhD programme in Belgium next year. Honestly, I am very nervous. It will be the first time to come there. Hoping I will find and have some nice friends like you. Best all.

hello!unfortunately i didnt hava opportunity to go to study abroad,but i share with friends in a dormitory i find quite exciting,of course i'm studying english.

yes, i went to London to study for one year. It was a great experience and i found a change to improve my english. Studying abroad is diffucult but besides that its enjoying. You can learn how to survive by yourself. I was stayed with my cousin at London but i go there again i would choose to live with host family.

Hello! I'm new here. I must improve my very poor engish, especially in writing.
I hope that this site could be useful for me. It seems very well structured and accurate.
Anyway, I was not so lucky because I never studied abroad. Better, I never studied English abroad. Really, I studied German in Wien a lot time ago. It was a very interisting experience. After that I passed long period abroad, due to my job. I believe that the contact with other culture it is everytime an enrichment for everyone.

Hello everyone, When I was a study, I didn't have chance to study abroad. But when I went to work, I attend Technology Training of Mediland Corporation in Taiwan. There was in May, 2014. That is first I went to abroad. I feel nervous when I check in at air port. I was afraid because I don't know how I have to check in to go a board. But everything was ok. I was in Taipie, Taiwan for 5 days. There was a lot of different things than my country. On the road, There is not so many motobikes. You sometime see some car. Air is quite fresh. The weather is same my country, It's quite hot (32-33oC) and rain during day. I complete training course and came back. There was not many exciting things but I will remember that trip, the first trip I went to abroad.

unfortunately , I have never studied a broad . I think the study outside my home country is better and that is the reason which motivates me to learn English as I would like to resume to my Engineering study in UK or Australia . I prefer to stay with host family to learn more about the UK culture and traditions
I think the best way to overcome the first Shock when you are travelling outside your home country is to show respect for your new home and stay away from troubles

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yes fortunately i got a chance to study abroad. I studied in the USA and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.It passed like a dream. Believe me it is priceless experience. I wish i chose to live with a host family i guess I would be closer to american culture. I lived in the USA for 6 years and it has become an integral part from my life.
If you get an opportunity to study overseas, i would share something with you:
Give yourself a time to learn about the culture and people.
Surround yourself with the environment where you can practice English language. Unless you break the language barrier, you may not feel any progress in your studies.
You can cope with negative feelings and homesickness will fade away it is just a matter of time.
Most importantly, avoid pessimistic people. they won't do you good.
stay hard and hope to achieve your goals :)
Think you have an opportunity is a dream of many people.

Hi. I'm very interested about what you are sharing. And I would like to ask you some questions: did you live with your fellow friends in dormitorty? and how was it?
Thank you!

Hi there,One thing that I want to mention is that the most effective way of learning English is not studying only grammar,lexicology, etc., one must know also the people who's native language is English and also their culture. So, I really want to study English in the Uk, but..