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A study trip to the UK

Listen to Ella talking about some of the most memorable moments from a study trip to the UK.

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I want to talk about my life in (the) UK. I went to study in the UK a few years ago. The most exciting experience is that I went to a host family for my Christmas holiday in December. I went there alone … on a train. It took me about one or two hours to get there, to York, and then I stayed there for one week. This was the first time that I spent time with a UK family, which I learned a lot from them. They treat (treated) me like a family member, they took me out to eat, to play and to see all the different interesting culture of their region. On Christmas Day, they even bought me some presents to celebrate the Christmas (celebrate Christmas). 

When I went back to Oxford, which was the place that I stayed for that year, I had the chance to teach in a Chinese school every Sunday. The kids are (were) about 14 years old and I taught them Chinese. They were very cute but they all speak (spoke) in English. I spent lots of time to encourage (encouraging) them to speak in Cantonese. 

During my study (studies) in the UK, I lived with (a) few other students from different countries. They are very nice and we used to cook on our own, just like a big family. Every day we will go to … every day we went to supermarkets to buy food and drinks and desserts. We cooked every day. I was not a good cook – normally I just put everything into (the) oven. And I've tried (I tried) to bake a cake before but failed and they all laughed at me. And every time when I bake(d) a cake, they never taste(d) it. We share(d) a flat together – we share(d) kitchen, bathrooms but we do (did) have our own sink and bedroom. The life (Life) in the UK is quite relaxing besides study because you can explore more and do different activities at school or even some other extracurricular activities. 

After I come (came) back (to) Hong Kong, I still keep in touch with all my friends in the UK, from different countries like Italy, Malaysia, Japan, UK and other countries. Sometimes we even send email(s) to each other, sometimes they may come to Hong Kong to visit and we will meet each other again. 

I really enjoy (enjoyed) the time in the UK. I hope you will also have the chance to explore more in other different countries in the future.



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Hi all,
I've had a chance to study in Taiwan. It's absolutely useful to my career. It is unforgettable of mind. There are a lot of great landscapes and well climate. It could be a food heaven with many food store on the street and a lot of the convenience stores for cloths, mobile devices, ... and you can find out everything you need. Especially, the people are here very friendly and out-going. When you lose the direction you can ask anyone around then they answer with the cool attitude. Even they can go with you to your destination. Great !.


I had the chance to study in Mexico for a year. My host university organized everything for us: from renting a flat to get a mobile number.

I was shraring the flat with another foreign. She came from Europe and was studying the same specility. Thanks to this flat sharing experience we have became friends.

I really like this one year experience. I did not get any negative felling and really did my best to be intregrated with the mexican students.

I would love to repeat that experience again.

I have studied in Finland and experienced to live both (with a host family and dormitory). I can say that lived with a host family was really good and wonderful because from them, I know the culture and learnt their language quickly and they brought me to many places, etc. I found the family here. Study abroad has a great value because I learnt with friends who are from many different country and we shared our knowledges and experiences which is from different background.

I got a 100 eventually . I think because she speaks slowly ......

I have never been a student abroad. If I can I"d like to go to France to . I think that I will improve my limited speciality. there has some univesities. They trains phamarcist very good. I still want to go to abroad to i can see many beautiful place, i heard that France is a romantic country. I like it. And finally. i can have many friends from different country in the would. That's so great. I can know more and more their culture, their food and their languge too. Just thinking of it I feel so fantacy. I hope my dream is being true in the futrue.

Hi everyone, I am Italian but I currently live in London. I relocated here with my husband two years ago. It was a brave choice and a great challenge for me. I never studied English in my country so at first everything was difficult. Anyway, after two years my balance is very positive. Living abroad is a great opportunity to learn many things, meet new people and know a different culture. I have to improve yet my English, but living in the UK is definitely the best way to do it.

Hi, I am a journalist and a TV-Reporter. My program is about films. I always take an interview from directors and actors. I would like to know some advantages about British journalism, and what kind of information, maybe sites you will advice me to look for. Thank you.

Hello Kinoman,

This isn't really something that we here at LearnEnglish have expertise in as we are not journalists ourselves and our focus is on the English language rather than journalism per se. However, this page might be of interest to you.

The British Council does work with journalists, and here are some links which you might find helpful:

Journalism for social good

Journalism for social good (wave 2)

I would also recommend that you contact some of the main British representatives of journalism, such as the BBC, the Guardian and the Independent.

I hope those links are helpful.

Best wishes,


The LearnEnglish Team

Thank you, this information is really helpful.

I have never studied abroad.If I can I would like to study in Poland.It will be a great experience for me because I will have the opportunity to improve my English.During my study I would like to live with the other students from different countries because I want to have friends from different countries.
If I want to have a good job in my country I have to know English. That's why I learn English every day and use this beautiful site.