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Beating stress

Listen to Emily talking about the importance of managing her stress levels and the techniques she uses.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.



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Just watching a telly works well, too. :)

I go out just for a distraction.

To beat stress you should know from deep inside that when you have a stressful time ,this time will be gone whether after short period of time or long period of time.
And also you can do some activities you like for instance hanging out with your friends,watch TV, playing any kind of sport especially tough ones to allow the stress get out from your body

Regardless of stress, I sleep too much... ;)

The audio link to this stress exercise is no longer working. Can someone help? Thank you!

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Thanks so much! Will do.

To beat or manage my stress I engages myself in the following:
- Having a plan.
- Exercising and eating balance diet.
- Having leisure time.
- Goal-oriented.
- Having resting time.
- Being optimistic.

I take a good sleep, then I'm back!

What do I do to beat stress? I try doing things which I like: I read books, or I watch movies or I go to shopping. It's true that physical exercise helps people to be in good shape and improves the state of mind; therefore I hang out at the gym.