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Coventry City F.C.

Listen to Neil talking about Coventry City Football Club and why he's a loyal supporter.

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I'm not a big football fan but here in Latin-America that is the most important sport so when the national team play or when start the world cup, family and friends get together to watch and enjoy the matches, lately our team Colombia are not doing a great performance, that's why they are thinking in change the actual trainer. It would be great go to Catar the new world cup, that would be possible, but win the world cup with the actual team in my view, that is not going to happen.

Since I was toddler the parents' tradition has been supporting El America de Cali. Long time ago this team was amazing but with the time has gone weaken and whole admiration that people had about them has decreased.

I support Nigeria football team.

Dear Team
'' I remember listening them beat...Sheffield Wednesday...'',
''beat'' instead of ''beating'', is it a correct way of English speaking?
Many thanks,

Hello Nikoslado,

Beat tells us that you heard the complete event.

Beating tells us that you heard only part of it.


For example:

I heard a man singing a song - I heard part of the song.

I heard a man sing a song - I heard the whole song.



The LearnEnglish Team

Ok I hate talking about football. When I was at school I liked to follow football matches. I was a fan of Italy football team and I watched world cup matches. Actually I stayed awake many nights to watch football matches . I was stupid because I was a child .

I also was a fan of one of our national teams. In my country we have many football teams but there are two of them which have the most fans all over the country, they are Esteghlal and Persopolis. One of them plays in blue shirts and the other plays in red, so in my country fans of these teams are also fans of these colors. They are always conflict with each other. Anyway my favorite team is Esteghlal the one which plays in blue. and I'm still a fan of the team but not as big as before.

Today I just watching matches of our national team. and I partly watch Esteghlal matches. I still hate Perspolis, because it has the worst fans ever. most of it's fan are really football hooligans, and government support the team, so we named it governmental team.
After all now as a grown up I think it is really embarrassing some adults attack or saying bad words just for a football match. They really act like a child.

hello i am new student i am trying to read and understand in order to improve my speaking and my listening i hope i'am in good way ,
about my suporting for my favorite team , when i was child i loved my international team and it was pleased to suporting them thank you.

Hello. I think you are good fan of football. And everyone don't need to support big football club. I started to support Chelsea football club in 2012. In 2012; they won champions league. It was great nice moment of my whole life. But at nowadays i can't write my team matches because of i have lot of work. And i promising i will support this team always. And once day I will watch all matches of my team in whole season. it is my long time goal. I am writing from Mongolia.

I think, Manchester United is not big team. Because, Manchester United have a lot a fans and a lot of experience. So... look it now

What is the best way to do the task and improve my listening skill? for instance while im listening or after listening?
Greetings from Ecuador