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Horror films

Listen to Mel talking about why she loves horror films and which ones she prefers.

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No. For me watching them is unbearable because I always feel scared afterwards but I do enjoy watching horror films which were produced a long time ago since they just don't seem so scary or bloody as those made nowadays.

Yes, horror movie is one of my favorite genres, and I really like those movies that result uncomfortable to watch for instance 'the shining' there is no lots of ghosts or supernatural issues but in some scenes you can feel and watch desperation and actor faces on other hand I'm agree with Mel 'Dawn of the death' is a great zombies movie. and I recommend ‘The Shining’, It's a classic horror movie from 1980.

Yes, I like it however i would rather other kind of films instead of horror movies such as comedy, action or even movies regarding to social o historical plot so that has kept footprint.

Yes. I like it.

I loved it! I like cinema and also I like horror film, specially zombies film because they make you think about your humanity in that kind of situation, how would you respond to that situation in order to survive? would you a good person or it bring up your dark side?. I don't know when this audio was recorded but for me the best zombie movie that i have seen is "TRAIN TO BUSAN" the Korean zombie horror movie (2016) which is totally unpredictable that's why I like it so much.

I really love the cinema and going to the movies is a real special entertainment and a chance to meet friends and go out with. There are eminent and great directors who have dealt with this kind of cinema, creating the great cinematic art we all know and admire.Truly speaking and without meaning to be rude, I've never understood, what kind of art are all these ''zobies film'' and how they can make a normal and sensitive human to feel they've got something important seeing it except of disgusting blooding guts.I'm afraid this answer is more of a psychoanalyst's job.

I stopped watching horror movies more than five years ago. In my opinion from each movie you have to pick up information which can be useful. For me it's impossible to understand which kind of useful information you can find in horror movies. Also I don't like violation's scenes.

me too

Yes I like horror films, although most of them are not really scary, some of the movies like "Sow" are disgusting instead of being scary. When I was a child I was scared of these movies. Everytime I watched these kind of movies I was so frightened , I was even afraid of entering in an empty room for a week after I watched those movies.
Sometimes I made horror stories in my mind for example I started thinking that my mom was not really her ,I thought She was just some wikide person who pretended she was my mom.
Now when I watch those movies they seemed really ridiculous. There is nothing to affraid of, but I believe these kind of movies affect on your mind unconsciously. I remember the time when I 've been watching horror movies every night . I didn't afraid of them when I watched, but after a while I started feeling bad at nights . I suddenly remembred horror movies scenes and I didn't feel comfortable . Though I think it is not bad if you sometimes watch horro films, but it's not ok to watch it every day . It harm you gradually.

well, I think people like horror films cuz they feel the emotion to run and hope to be safe I dunno.
My favorite genre of films are romantic comedies, yeah. I dunno why, maybe because I like the way the things happen as well as in our real life.
I've never watched his films so I can't say the difference or something similar.
I really loved this audio exercise, it was amazing