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Living in London

Listen to Luke talking about London life and the best and worst things about living there.

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I live in a zone intermedia called urban periferia, this zone is ventanilla in Callao - Peru, the most thing there i like is cheap food, cheap clothes and transportation. But its very polluted in this area.

I live in the outskirts of the city of Abuja Nigeria, a place called Sokale. It's like a small town. The nice thing about the area is the serenity and the beautiful rocks. The downside though, is the distance from the central district, where all the lively events and conferences hold.

i think im not facing this thing cuz i live in cairo and this is the capital city of egypt so every thing that u need u will get it but sometimes when i visit my grandma i faces this thing

Yes, i live in a city which has 8 millions of people. I have a love hate relationship with it too. It's crowded city and there are a few unfriendly people. It hasn't a lot of greenery areas but it has a lot of beaches.

Yes, i live in a city. I live in an area which is 10 minutes away by bike. It's like a community, but a very small group. It feels like a village with greenery and it's never hectic, and is always peaceful. But the downside is, the roads are in very bad condition. After completion of an underground drainage work, the government and the contractors left the road with potholes.

Yes. I did the on line test.

I live in a huge city with more than 4 million inhabitants. It is a very interesting city where I can work and also have fun with my family. As I recently moved to this city, I´m still finding out the surroundings. From my point of view, the best thing in town are the parks. They are well maintained and my son can play during the weekends. On the other hand, the worst thing that I can point about the place where I live is the traffic jam. It´s always difficult to get home during the rush hours.

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I live in a town which has 120.000 inhabitants; it's a small town if compared to those of the big cities in my country (Italy), but it's the biggest town of my Region. This feature makes my town appropriate for many persons, who find here a place where they fit.