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Music in Manchester

Listen to Ella talking about Manchester, a city in the north of England with a very exciting music scene.

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Upper intermediate: B2


i think music is one the important part of our life. it can give us energy when we are not actually in a good mood! or maybe sometime it can make us feel hopeless!
so yes! i really fond of music but i don't have any special favorite singer or favorite type of music! i like to listen all of them! it depends on my mood that what kind of music i enjoy that day.

I like music a lot, I'm from Colombia and its known as salsa capital as well as vallenano, cumbia, porro and so on. There different kind of instruments related whit these genres, but most common are piano, accordion, guacharaca, guitar, tamboora.

I like music. When I was younger I played the piano. It was amazing. But now, unfortunately I don't have time to play. I want to play again.

Normally I like to listen music. I would like to attend concert. But I have no abilities to play any music instrument. In my country, street music and rap is becoming more and more widespread. And in addition, using social media is getting larger. Thanks to YouTube you can establish a cannal and you can share your talents with your environments.

Yes ,I do.The people in my country like listening to musics and in my opinion they like classic and pop music types.Also I love listening to musics and my favourite singers are Ed Sheeren and Ariana Grande.

Yes, I do. I like listening to music. I like going to clubs most of all, dancing and listening to music at the same time)

Yes. I does. I plays westernized music where I live. Yes. I does.

in transcript the word acid home and in task 2 there is hacienda , what does it mean?

i like music very much . it gives me alot of power that make me encouraged
here in egypt we got quiet alot of different kinds of music but the most famous ones are the folk music . here it has started to take a new innovative path especially during latest years after the widesprad of the internet and youtube channels which is like a big platform for the folk musicians to show their talents in writing and composing their songs
also i love to listen to english bands like "rise against , imagine dragon, ....etc "