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Music in Manchester

Listen to Ella talking about Manchester, a city in the north of England with a very exciting music scene.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.



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Upper intermediate: B2


Yes, I do. I like listening to music. I like going to clubs most of all, dancing and listening to music at the same time)

Yes. I does. I plays westernized music where I live. Yes. I does.

in transcript the word acid home and in task 2 there is hacienda , what does it mean?

is a name for a place, in spanish the meaning for hacienda is where you will find a building inside a huge area, the hacienda is autosustainable.

i like music very much . it gives me alot of power that make me encouraged
here in egypt we got quiet alot of different kinds of music but the most famous ones are the folk music . here it has started to take a new innovative path especially during latest years after the widesprad of the internet and youtube channels which is like a big platform for the folk musicians to show their talents in writing and composing their songs
also i love to listen to english bands like "rise against , imagine dragon, ....etc "

I really like the music. I used to listen the music everyday. I would like to listen to the english music and my favoriete singers are Lana Del Rey, Sia, Ed shereen and Sam Simith and also Adele. In my country musicians usually sing the folk music.

These exercise help me to understand. I need a course online for Mexico with exercise like these page.
Please open a course online for Mexico.
I love your page.

Yes I do...very much, I suppose. Music brings calmness of mind and soul. It's my way of getting psychological relief..or should I say, healing?
Where i live, people play POP, Rap etc music...I've never been good at identifying music genres anyway. I just personally love anything slow, serene, gentle, soothing etc. So i guess that should be RnB...Blues etc.

music is the best thing ever
i prefer many genres as edm or pop and trap