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My son

Listen to Ron talking about how he spends his time with his young son.

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I really don't like much children the only children that I love are my nephews, when my nephews were very young I used to be not a friendly uncle I was teenage and when they cried or getting misbehave I shouted them or hit them and now as an adult, I regretted for not be more patient they were just little kids. Life has taught me that I must be more patient with kids, now I think as a good uncle I must be close, support them and be like an uncle friend and not wait that they love me just to be the brother of his mother instead because I am there when they need me.

After I gave birth to my daughter, I could not believe how I would get excited about anything she would do.
The sounds, the movements, her first steps - all amazed and made me the happiest person in life.

Yes. I had.

Little children are really funny. They live in their own world and don't care what other people do or say. I really like children, but I don't like to take care of them, I just like to play with them, not for a long time. If they stay for a long time they will be boring, but things are different when you talk about your niece or nephew.
I have a little niece. She is six months old . She is so lovely I really love her, but unfortunately she lives in other country. I met her when she was 3 months and left her one month later. I really miss her, now I just see her on her mom's stories on instagram. She is amazing. in my view, she is the most beautiful little child in the world.
Babies change so fast. They learn to do new things every day. I think the most amazing age of a kid is before one years old. They learn so fast. They learn to hold objects by their hand, to seat down, they start to knowing people. their sounds and shape change every day.
My niece is adorable she is so cute. when she was 3 months old she just say one word, something like oonghaa but now she screams and makes different sounds. When I saw her she couldn't hold things in her hands. She fists her hands most of the time, her hands were out of control . She threw them and hit them to her eyes and clawed herself. but now she can keep objects with her hands though she can't totally control the hands yet.

watching the growth of a little child is really interesting. I love enfants specially my little niece. now I just waiting to see her again.

I'm mom's of eleven months old daughter. I think, it's great to be a parent, but it's hard work. Not long ago, my daughter amazed me. We were going for a walk and she showed our postbox. She showed our postbox among hungreds of other postboxes. Presumable, she matched a number of our flat with the number of the postbox. It was very amazing. What do I reckon about 'nature versus nurture'? Parents should think about a child but they shouldn't think instead of the child. The child has got a happy childhood if there are a happy, a peace and a harmony in the family. So, any from the family should have to relax and 'recharge your batteries'. What about me, I go to a swimming pool. I can forget all a tiredness and a stress there.

I am sure that nurture is necessary element of harmonious child development. Parents are totally responsible for their child's future. So they should do their best to provide all conditions for healthy growth and education of their children, and for happy childhood on the whole. It is а heavy work that takes a lot of your time, but eventually you will see that it is worth your efforts.

I believe father, mother and society surrounding the kid is the greatest, most affect and first teacher.
When i feel overwhelming of work or life pressures, I usually take my family and go to the nearest garden, have little meal and let my kids enjoy while me and my wife set and take different debates about whatever jump into our mind, of course away from work, life and future topics as much as we can.
My second son is three years old now. One time, approximately 1 year back, I was talking with his mother about something while he was playing with his doodles, after one year i was shocked when he reminded me with it!

I think that Nature is related with the behaviour of the human being and Nurture it's totally different because it refers to care about someone; for example: to take about your son or daughter, specially when they are just babies they need to be feed and more.

When I'm exhausted or overwhelmed by work or any other thing I just like to relax, I mean I like to watch a movie, listening to music or hang out with my friends to eat something tasty. I also like to run and play soccer.

I'm surprised with my son because he's just a baby and he's pretty active. Sometimes he do things as: stare at things for a long time, he eats a lot haha and despite he's just a tiny person he can move his body really fast. I loved hi so much..

I want to talk about my daughter.
Her name is Ayah, she is now ten months old.
she is adorable. When My parent in laws ask who is first one and then they they say that the first one is Ayah. Directly she is clapping warmly