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My strange encounter with a wild pig

Listen to Jannie talking about an unusual visit from a wild animal.

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I don't really have experienced strange incident and I just meet some wild animals inbthe zoo but just looking at them.

hii guies.......i hve also an experience about a stray was a dog once i was in hurry because i was late for my school i was running fast but nearly there was a stray dog ......having seen me that also started to run behind me i got God! i got tottaly......stuck n i took my steps faster thn that......n while running i reached at my destination......uffffff
when i thought about that day i remain laugh and laugh.

it was so interesting that could see a pig in business zone, I was so exciting to find out a English communicated platform to improve my English.

Is it possible to put the level at the bottom of the text, e.g. A1, B1? This makes it easier for us teachers looking for texts suitable for the classes we're teaching. Some of the texts on the site have the levels, but I noticved this one doesn't.

Hello markoliver,

We are currently working on tagging our materials with this (and other) information, but it is a time-consuming process. You can search for material by level: simply type the required level into the search window (B1, A2 etc.).

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Task 3 is not working (XMLparse error). I am using Google Chrome.

Hello Claudio Ramos,

Thank you for letting us know.  We'll edit the page to fix the error as soon as we can.

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Poehh.... I'been learning Engilsch, but it kost a lot of energy.

Its right, i dont can speak english.

Also I had bad experience with "uninvited guests". I was in my backyard when suddenly I saw something like hose in my grapevine. I was very frighten when I realised that it was snake. It was very big snake, the biggest one that I have ever seen in my life. I run off to call my futher. He came and we killed or just stun the snake. Snake was motionless and we threw it into the forest nearby our house. It was really strange experience for me, but not because we saw snake. There are many snakes in the coast of Montenegro. The strangest is it that I saw a live the highest snake in my life.