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My strange encounter with a wild pig

Listen to Jannie talking about an unusual visit from a wild animal.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.



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Intermediate: B1
Upper intermediate: B2


what a cute story! However, I don't know what is going on with that pig, haha.

Wow! Very interesting fact! I thought that wild animals can be seen at Zoo, but I was wrong. Or, maybe, British Council Hong Kong have a zoo department :)). Anyway, it's very funny to see a wild pig at classes. I never met a wild animal in a public place, except for a horse :)). When I was 11, I walked on the street. Then I saw a horse who galloped beside the cars. I was a little bit scared, but after he got away, I started to laugh. The funny thing was that later, I saw that horse again. He was again without his proprietary.

its very interesting story.I enjoyed it a lot while listening,definitely it will help me in my grammar

This funny story makes me remember one story from my student life. In Armenia it is very unusual to encounter with snakes, but one day after finishing his lecture our respectable lecturer opend the door to go out. Suddenly he stoped walking and we saw how he was becoming pale. There was a not big yellow snake standing infront of him.  

It could have been very funny.

It is amazing story. I have almost the same situation  with wild animal. I live in  Kyiv (the capital of Ukraine). It happened month ago. The phone  rang when I had been cooking.  It was our friend Lena who lived in next house.  She screamed that she had a bat in the apartment.   Lena was  terrible scared and I was trying to calm  her down but unsuccessfully.   My brother and husband rushed to Lena's help immediately. After two hours absence boys returned and described the situation in details. The bat  flew into Lena's  room throw the opened window. Bat has been flying about 1,5 hours on the first and the second floors. Finally my husband  managed to catch it. He let  the bat go away.   This weird evening  will never be forgotten by all of us. 

i am glad because i have found this site few days ago and all related with culture from England particularly and English in general is interesting. get to know about people from all over the world is a exiting experience to me. On the other hand this story show me that we are not different at all we surprise,laugh and cry with the same things, it does not matter where you live. said in few words i liked it a lot.   

could    you  please     help me with my   writing?

Dear British Council,
We started to have the lesson as usual, singing, playing and asking them if they are well that day.
May I use the past tense of the verb to be (were) in that context instead of the present tense (are) in  the above sentence?
Please, be kind and tell me if there is a grammar rule to clarify my doubt.
Thanks a lot for your reply,

Dear Oscar,
Personally, I think that using the past tense sounds better in that sentence. If you want to read more about this, look at section 3 of our page on reported speech.
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

mister adam can you tell me how I can get .pdf format of the listenings