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My two cats

Listen to Dave talking about travelling to different countries with his cats.

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Upper intermediate: B2


If my job allowed me to move to different country I'd be happy to work in countries where the official language is English. Because I could practice and improve my English. Where English language is just a singular common language, there English learning is quicker.

I haven't got any stereotype about cats and dogs. All of them have own character and personality.

If I'm going to get a pet, first of all I'd consider why it necessary for me.
I wouldn't keep pet as hobby. If at our house mice multiplaid than I'd keep cat. If at our backyard I want to feel greater secuarity I'd keep dog.
Otherwise I like the cats and dogs but better the dogs. :) Whe have had dog almost every time.

If you find a mistake in my grammar, please don't hesitate to call my attention to that. Thanks :)

I would like to work in China, because ,in my opinion, that's a very charming country.
I like both cats and dogs. I had got any cats and a unforgettable dog, named Dixie.It's not true that cats are aloof and indifferent, but we have to respect their indipendece. They don't like stay alone, and they offer much love to their owners.
When they grow old and to get sick, that it's very sad. So ,for now, I'm not going to get a cat or a dog. I suffered much.

I am touched, welcome to China

My question is what do you mean by cat flaps?

Hi soumiiiiii,

You can look up words and phrases like this in any online dictionary, such as this one. In this case, I think doing an image search will be most helpful.


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This is an excellent article and I have used it again and again for listening exercises. I always give students the transcript to read along and listen at the same time. It shows how words run into each other, lots ways we speak naturally and it is relatively short listening. I love the vocabulary section too

If I had a chance to choose a country for living and working, I would first of all take some travelling to see which country I like better and where I could apply my education and skills.
As for difference between cats and dogs, I think in general this statement is true, although it depends much on the individual character of the animal. You can meet both friendly and cuddly cats and roughand agressive dogs.
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Hi dear.would u plz tell me how can i improve my speaking in this web

Hello Leili,

I'd suggest you read the advice on how to use LearnEnglish to improve your speaking on our Frequently asked questions page. There advice of another LearnEnglish user named Adriancatanescu, which you can read in this comment, is also very good. Please take a look and then let us know if you have any other questions.

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Interesting podcast! I just wanted to know if in actual exam, I can listen to the podcast as many times as I want. Thanks in advance.