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My two cats

Listen to Dave talking about travelling to different countries with his cats.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.



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Upper intermediate: B2


 I lıke cats so much :) 

i like cats so much.when i was a child i had a sweity cat.but out of the blue he had an accident and dide.iwas sad for my dear

If my job allowed I to move around the world,in which countries I would like to world.Because I want to anywhere on the world.They help me to discover life in everywhere,and help me feel loving my life more.I think it will be wonderful.I hope I will get a job as well as that

 This is the best website of learning english I've ever seen! Big respect for its creators! Thank you so much! : )

yes i agree, many topics are useful. I can improve Listening skill

yes . i agree with you . i am new in this website and am hope i will improve my english


hi everybody
i realy love dogs .becuse they are realy kind .i had a dog one years ago but in my country we cannt to keep animals ......

.in my country dogs are sth bad . 

Hi everyone!
I guess I prefer cats to dogs (but just slightly). My parents have both (two dogs, two cats) and they actually get along :o) Well, we had the cats first and then got the first dog as a puppy, so I think that might be the reason. Our second dog was 4 years old, when she moved in with us. She's way too much of a coward to try and challenge the cats *lol*
I really love all of them! They're just too cute and cuddly! But for myself I'd rather have a cat than a dog. I'm just not motivated enough to walk the dog at least twice a day!

hello everybody , I'm a student in institute of language and my level is intermediate but i can't speak very well 
 i don't know what do i do ,please help me..........................