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My two cats

Listen to Dave talking about travelling to different countries with his cats.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.



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if i get the chance to move arround world,i will go to england and join Oxford University to improve my educational level so accordingly my working experience will be better.
for the second question , actually i don't like to have a pit because i'm afraid from any virus or illness transfers to my family from them also .
please tell me about my language mistakes

Hello Alaa Arafa,

Thanks for your contribution! As much as we'd like to, I'm afraid we're not able to correct users' texts, as we're simply too small a team with too much work to be able to do this. If you'd like to find a teacher to help you improve your writing and it's possible for you, you might want to consider taking a class at a British Council Teaching Centre in Egypt near where you live. Or if you have a specific question about a specific point, you're welcome to ask us here. And in any case, please feel free to continue sharing your writing here – we and other users are always happy to see what people say!

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If I can choose. I would prefer to work in the USA. In my opinion, it’s one of the most developing countries in the world. Also I dream to visit many cities of this country, such as New York, Washington, Chigago and etc. And I believed, all this can be combined with work. What about next question, my opinion is ambiguous, because sometimes cats can be loyal and friendly, while dog can be aloof:) But In my view this pets have different character.
Nowadays, I have a cat. Her breed it’s Scottish Straight, but if my parents agreed, I would get a dog, because I love this animals, especially Labradors.

I always wanted to live in America. It's a good country for studying and developing science and technology. And the view of city is also amazing such as NY, LA, WA, etc.

I think, both of that animals are human friends. So if I'm offered of choosing cat or dog, I'll take both of them.


Well my job make me travel a lot and it is a little hard because I have few time to stay with my pet. I have a dog and his name is Duque. He is very funny and cute, loves hugs and kisses, and it is always waiting me in the door. I'd like to have a cat I think they are beautiful creatures and are most independent than dogs, what let me more comfortable to leave they alone for more time than my dog.
I've just started to follow this activities and I am still learning the language, so I am sory if my English is not pretty good.

Best wishes


I prefer to have cats. I never had purebred cats so if I have a chance I will buy a Siamese Cat.

If my job allows me to move around the world, I would like to work in Australia, Brazil and SAR.

I would like to aske about how can i organiz my time with all the section in this website (british concil) ?

Hello Shtaewi,

I'm not sure we are really qualified to help you with how you organise your time! We can help you with your English, and we can suggest how you might get started and make progress with this. For out suggestions, please take a look at our Help page, and use the links to get more specific information.


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The LearnEnglish Team

a. If my job allowed me to move around the world, I would like to work in Australia and Africa. Those continents I never been to. So I'm interested to work there. Africa it will be really good chance and challenges.
b. I agree that cats are aloof and indifferent, dogs are loyal and friendly. Many cats in Indonesia roam and they often came to my house and stole our food :( and also my friends have cats and feed them always but still sometimes the cats clawed her. It sounds funny. But dogs really friendly and loyal. I had 2 dogs while I was in Indonesia but here in Finland I don't have because everything is expensive here and I can only to feed for myself only :) I really hope I can effort to get dog because the other side I need a friend to walk with outside, play and train. In Finland I can say that it's quite difficult to make a friend/friends :) You know the answer why. So cold here, and most people stay at home.

I not really like the pet such as dogs, cats because of their hairs and smell. I scare away their hairs. It make me cough and sneeze.
if I have a chance to go aboard. I would like to live in England or America that help me improve my English skills and have a lot of things to study.