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My two cats

Listen to Dave talking about travelling to different countries with his cats.

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Upper intermediate: B2


If my job allowed me to move around the world, I would move to England and the why is learning of English fluently with increasing educational capacity by attending its universities.
Yeah, I agree that the cats are "aloof and indifferent" whereas dogs are "loyal and friendly" also if I would get a pet I would get chimpanzee or monkey because its well active playing with people and display laugh signs


In the pod-cast,the speaker actually said Masha wasn't friendly when it gets older,but whereas in task it wasn't true,Masha was friendly with people when it gets older.So my question is which one is right?

And also help me in way that had I written any thing wrong in above.

Hi shyam kotla,

I'm afraid you've misunderstood what is said in the episode. You can use the transcript to check and there you'll see the following:

So Masha used not to be very friendly towards people, as she’s got older, she’s now quite a cuddly cat.

So she was not friendly before but is now, when she is older.

Best wishes,


The LearnEnglish Team

I like cat because they are easy to live. They just don't care about us sometimes when they play.
But a cat save my life two times . The first time it was in the night I was looking on the floor and I see
something I was thinking that it was the belt I lose and I want to catch it but I see my cat was near and I wasn't feel good finaly because I see the cat I understand that it wasn't the belt I lose but a smake .With my grand-father we do the necessary after if the cat wasn't here I will did a big mistake and the smake will bite my hand.
A another night I was sleeping and the cat was in my room . In the past in Algeria we were sleeping on the floor . My grand-mother hear that there is noise in my room and she came into to see what it was.
And then she saw my cat was playing with a scorpion.
Can you imagine if my cat wsn't there what the scorpion will do to me.
So I know why I prefer cats than dogs.

Actually I'm working in China, this country wasn't the ideal one for me, but here I am haha!!! I'd like to work in Ireland, Australia or Canada!!!
I want to talk about my pets, too!! They are 2 cute and pamper cats!!! I couldn't take them with me, they are in Mexico and I miss them so much. Their names are Sasha and Mina, they're 7 and 6 years old. Sasha is Mina's mom. They don't go out of my house because it is so dangeorous, but the can play and run inside the house, but they spend most of the day, sleeping and eating, I think they are fat because of that haha!! I would like to have my cats here with me in China.

Hello, it is a pleasure for me to communicate in english! But who can correct my spelling mistakes?? Well, can I Know which kind of level is "My two cat" audio? Is it B1 or B2? I need to improve my english at level B2, so which kind of LearnEnglish I have to follow?
I'm looking forward to receiving an answer, bye from Italy!

Hello antonella,

Most word processing programmes have spell checkers, or you can find one on the internet by searching for 'free spell checker'.

I'd say the text on this page is B1 in terms of vocabulary and grammar, though in terms of discourse, it's more at a B2 level. This page hasn't been tagged with a level, but most of the pages in our Magazine and many others have been. See, for example, Hallowe'en – at the bottom of the page, just below the discussion questions, you can see 'B2'. You can also find B2-level pages on LearnEnglish by searching for 'B2' in the Search box at the top of the right margin.

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

I had a cat, while I was at school, living in the urban part of a city before studying at six form college called Gymnasium in my suburb where I experienced a cat chase a rat like a lion(canivore) hunting for prey on my window basement fence.

I'd like to move in England, because I think that is a wonderful place and because I don't like hot country.
I had dogs and cats and I belive that dogs are friendlier than cats. But I think that if I had to take an animal I take both!

I like to wander all over the world but especially in the heat zones.

I think it's true. The cats are very cuddly but they aren't so faithful like dogs. The cats can adapt easier with all kind of people.

I want a fluffy pet like a Teacup Pomerian or Chow Chow puppy.