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My two cats

Listen to Dave talking about travelling to different countries with his cats.

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I'd like to talk about my two cats, who are called Misha and Masha, and they're nine years old. And because I work for the British Council and I've worked in lots of different parts of the world, they're quite international cats. So they were born in St Petersburg, Russia, around the dawn of the millennium, in the middle of winter. And St Petersburg winters are very, very cold, so it's kind of minus 30 degrees, and some friends of mine found these two tiny little kittens in the snow and brought them in and then sent an email around the office saying 'Who can look after these two cats?' And my wife and I already had two cats at the time, from Indonesia, and we thought can we ... have we got room ... can we adopt these two new cats? And then when we saw them, they were just so cute that we couldn't say no. So we brought them home and so they lived with us for, like, two years in Russia. And then we moved back to the UK and they had to stay in France for six months, erm, just to check that they didn't have rabies ... erm, before they were allowed into the UK. And then they lived with us in Cambridge and we had a cat flap so they used to wander about it.

When it came to leave the UK, we discovered that they'd in fact had about five or six different homes and had made friends with all kinds of people along the street and used to go and get fed and get stroked and cuddled by all of our neighbours. Then we moved to Mexico and we had a house with a garden so we had to build a special fence that kind of curled in on itself so that the cats would climb up and then feel that they were starting to fall down so they'd climb back down again.

And then we moved to Guangzhou this time last year. So now they are 'flat cats', erm, they've not been squashed, they just live in our flat, live in our apartment and they don't go out. They just go out onto the balcony. But the interesting thing is that their personality has ... seems to have changed in every country they've lived in. So Masha used not to be very friendly towards people. As she's got older, she's now quite a cuddly cat. And they've adapted to living, to being kind of free to roam about and then being in the garden and now they seem to be very happy just being in a flat.



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I like travelling very much, but I think I can never leave my homeland for a long time. I would like to go to Italy, Spain and especially the countries of the Middle East, and learn about different cultures

hi guys any one can tell me that what is wrong with site i can not answer on listening task ..

Hi John,
I'm sorry to hear that. Can you tell us a bit more about your problem?
What web browser are you using? Are you using a computer, a phone or a tablet? Can you see any of the exercises on this site?
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The LearnEnglish Team

I like cat 。

can you help me?
At the beginning of the story the speaker say "who" and not "which" about Misha and Masha. But they are animals. Is "Who" used for animals also?

Hello Ric111!
As you probably know, many pet owners think of their pets as people! This is why the speaker uses 'who'. Most English speakers will use 'who' for animals they know well, especially pets, but will use 'which' or 'that' when talking about animals they don't know.
Hope that helps!
Jeremy Bee
The LearnEnglish Team

Thank you very much Jeremy!

hi, I don't agree. For me, it's the different way of dealing with the dog or the cat . While into relationship among human and dogs is the dog that accomplish more important effort to create the relationship, indeed the dog  accomplish all the order that we give him. With the cat it's different. We should strive to better understand the cat. When you understand your cat, you create a wonderful relationship. Maybe better than with the dog

Cats are NOT aloof and indifferent! I have got two cats. Yes, they are russians cats too )) Their names are Markiz and Lilu
They are so cute and kind. They like when we stroke them. They like to sleep in our beds, sit on our laps and play with us. They also love to play with each other. They love each other as wife and husband. And they have very different characters.
Markiz is a big cat, who is afraid of nothing, loves to eat meat, and catches anything that moves.
Lilu is a small pussycat, she is afraid of everything,  but she is affectionate. She likes eat dairy products such as yogurt.

i would prefer to travel to london, china and australia infact given the opportunity i would to travel all over the world, so that i can experience different cultures.
As of animals, i dont like them at all especially cats and dogs
i want to know if you can get marks when you write short hand in ielts test e.g dont do i have to write do not or jus dont