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My two cats

Listen to Dave talking about travelling to different countries with his cats.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.



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Upper intermediate: B2


Hello Madam Boss,
I'd love to travel there too!
As for your question, its better to ask about IELTS in the IELTS section of this website. Anyway, you can use contractions in the IELTS writing paper if they are appropriate for the text. If you are asked to write something formal, some contractions might not be appropriate, but if you're asked to write a letter to a friend, they would be fine.
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I don't have a particular predisposition for animals, in spite of this I had a little dog named toy poodle Ducky who has lived with me ten years. Now I have a cat that is eleven years old. I took care of both even if the cat is aggressive and never stands still.

I love animals, but honestly, I don't like cats at all. They are so fawning and petted. The first time, the cats seems so kind and sweet, and then, they scratch you if they are disturbed. I agree that cats are aloof. They are molly-coddle and you can play with them just if/when they want that. I can associate the word "cat" with the word "diva". :))

first of all thanks for this competition
and i can say my best country who love to work and live is china ....australia ...  Egypt because i wish to see the museum and read and learn about their history

I had a chance to work in a cruise line and I visited many countries around the world. If I had an opportunity to work abroad I´d like to work in Norway, Denmark, Scotland, Ireland, France, Germany, Finland or Canada because I really enjoy the weather, landscapes, people and food.
    I´m agree that the cats are indifferent, I have a cat and 3 dogs, and my cat isn´t friendly at all, my dogs are lovely, and always are ready to play and are near.  Absolutely, if I´m going to get a pet, I´d choose a lovely cocker spaniel.

are those  two cats in the picture belongs to the author? They are cute.
To be frank, i do not like cats especially their feces, it smells disgusting and stinking.
You can see many cats  in Malaysia,either inside the house or outside the house.Some of the cat owner can even rear  17 cats in a time. To make sure they are well protected ,the cats are kept in a big cage! When ever you pass by the place , you  have to stop breathing  in order not to be vomit!
I prefer dog to cat but one must have a compound for the dog to move about.Thus , i still do not have my own doggy.See you then!

Hello imortale, 
It's interesting but I was also wished a pet tiger :) Actually I still want :))

I actually would love to travel around the world , I 'd love to visit Australia ,Rome, London and France .
i already got many cats but I'd love to get a dog ,but i also like all animals ,when i was a kid i wished to have a tiger :D
I think all animals are lovely and adorable , and I think that they love anyone that treats them well.

Hello !
Dear Adam
The LearnEnglish Team
I am very very interested with these podcasts and articles. I usually use those for my personal interest. Now I teach English for some young students at one of  private Institutes in Sri Lanka. May I use those learning materials for them in the classes,as photocopies pls.
thanks a lot

Hello Bandaraw,
Of course you can! Also, since you are a teacher you might be interested in our sister site, TeachingEnglish.
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