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My two cats

Listen to Dave talking about travelling to different countries with his cats.

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Upper intermediate: B2


enjoyable narration

I want to keep the lessons for my kids,,,can I come pass by to pick a copy

I'm afraid I don't quite understand your comment. If you want to download or print out the article and exercises on this page, you can click on 'Instructions & Downloads'. Is that what you're looking for?
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hey!British council is a really gorgeous page  when we find what we need and we spend time with valuable things and especially we learn from our mistakes. I have  two cats and i feel amused when i see my cats after a tiring day at school. :) 

i love animals but cats are my favourite animals.they are so friendly and can play and have a great time with them.but unfortunately i don have a cat ,i have a dog and he is one of my enemies.i am trying to convince my parents to buy me cat.i will be the happiest girl in the world

All  the  video and audio is very good and useful .......I really love it so much everyday I enter the  website and get new thing .....thanx 2 all stuff

I'm very happy to hear that you find the site so useful.
Please tell your family and friends who are learning English about us! We rely on our users to spread the word about LearnEnglish.
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The website is amazing! I told almost all the people I know about it! they really like the "elementary podcasts" it's  very useful and interesting, I feel that my english has improved but i wish i could talk english more cuz i'm sure it helps. :d

Hi guys!
I love animals, especially cats and dogs I have 2 cats they are very nice, I can sell the kittens!

ı'm denız from turkey.ı have a cat and ıt lives together wıth us.Actually ı have got two chıldren .They lıke ıt so much .Especially my son like ıt so much and he thınks ıt like hıs sıster.Our cat lıve wıth us since three years.when we found it .it was one day my son came in front of our house door wıth a cat in hıs hand.He had found ıt ın the street .He dıdnt want to leave agaın in the street.Because ıt was hungry and very cute.I allowed ıt just for one day .Then we had bath ıt.But then  we didnt leave ıt again in the street.that we liked it so day my cat lost .When ıt be lost My chıldren and I feel bad to much.My son and my daugter beganed crying.thıs nıgth they didnt any sleep and stayed ın front of wındow.later morning we look that our cat came again door of our house.But ıt had fıgth with other cats and ıt was ınjurec.immediately we treated ıts ınjurec.Agaın we were happy.