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Listen to Hermia talking about why she loves the band Radiohead.

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My favourite band is 'Westlife'.

In addition to this, I think the speaker's intonation in the whole sentence indicates rather such a thing.

Dear Team,
I'd like to refer something about this excerpt from the text: ''And also, actually contrary to general belief that Radiohead is depressing, Thom Yorke the frontman is always whining. I actually think that their music is very uplifting and soothing.''
I think the full-stop sign after the ''whining'' it's not only useless, but rather causes problem to the total meaning, i.e, it must be''...contrary to general believe that Radiohead is depressing, (that)Thom Yorke the frontman is always whining, I actually think that their music is very uplifting and sooting''.What do you say about it? Am I right?
Thank you in advance.

Hello nikoslado

Yes, you are right -- thanks very much for pointing that out. We are currently revising all of the Audio zone pages, and this revision includes checking the transcripts carefully for accuracy, as well as having them checked by a proofreader. This means that I can't actually fix this error right away, but please trust that it will be fixed within a few weeks.

Thanks again!

All the best


The LearnEnglish Team

I have never heard of this group. But I really like listening to music. I listen to her everywhere and always. But I'm a music lover and listen to all the music. But most of all I love rap and pop. But after this text I decided to listen to the Radiohead band, and I will say that I liked this band. Very interesting genre and very good music. It was very interesting that the girl did not know what graphic design was. I also work as a graphic designer, and I looked at their album covers and it is really beautiful, and not usual. I can say one thing, thanks! I discovered a new group that I liked

I don't have any idea what indie music is, but I have listened to some of Radiohead's musics. The one that really impressed me is Creep. It is so special single from the first days of the band I guess. I have listened to it many times.
I'm not specialized in music. Actually I don't know the music geners very well, but generally I like rock, metal, pop music. One of my favorite music bands is Muse. They are somehow like Radiohead. I like other singers and bands Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, linkin park before chester passed away, etc.
I always listen to music on my way to work or to home, I mean when I walk on the streets or sit on a car,etc. Music helps you to change your mood to feel your pain more or feel it less. According to Madonna "music makes the people come together , music makes the bourgeoisie and the rebel". Music can do anything it shares inthusiasm and impassion people.
I always wanted to be a singer I played guitar. I was trying to sing and playing. I wrote my own songs, though I wasn't good at writng music, but I was really good at writing songs and improvision.

I like indie music but my favourite kind of music is pop-rock becuase it is the music I used to listen to when I was younger.
It was the summer of 1990 when I first enjoyed the songs of The Police. Although they had been famous for about ten years during the late seventies and early eighties, and they had even stopped playing together as a band by then, I had never liked them because I wasn't able to understand their lyrics. Then I bought a "tape" and I learned their songs by heart, and I fell in love with them because they had powerful messages.

I often listen to music sung by foreign performer. I like listen to different various music it can help me improve my listening skill. I repeated one song much times and try to understand a meaning . It's an interesting activity. I listen to music and I feel that I understand each word of this song,and it like me more and more.

i prefer pop music

I love music very mach. I lessen it every day and all day: in the morning when I am running in gym, in my car when I am transferring to my work and back home and even when I am working. I work in open space. There are many colleges in our room and quite nosy. That is why I put the headphone on for concentrate me. I like relax and uplifting music. When I am in a bad mood I lessen our national Ukrainian band ‘OKEAN ELSA’. And my day became better.