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Listen to Hermia talking about why she loves the band Radiohead.

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Hi everyone!

I think the índie music isn't too comercial than pop music and is a new genere to joint up original bands around the world comes to my mind the yeah, yeah band is actually one the most important the indie bands. Most band starts Like índie but they turn the pop music.
For me the rock is one the best genere and the inspiration of many generations. I guess in general the music plays a important role in the human development, each person should know the music since birth!
We must recognize that exist music for different likes and momments.

Hello everyone ,!
Sure, l like indie music, and l like turkey music too.
my favorite band is Quest Pistols, because they have a beutiful inspiration for pop music.

Hi! I heard about Radiohead at TV. There was discussed rivalry between Radiohead and Coldplay. I think most people compare this bands. Honestly, I prefer Coldplay. They are more lyrically than Radiohead and their music are better. Every day i find new things about their music such as the message, the meaning, etc. I can't explain the reason that I like Coldplay more than Radiohead. It's not just because I don't know English very well. I can't do this either in my own language. As the speaker, I can say that when I have a bad day, I listen Coldplay songs. It makes me feel better.
p.s. I want to ask you to correct my possible mistakes in this short text. Thank you!

Acutally I've never listened to the indie music before. And so I have no idea exactly the differences between indie and pop music. But I'd like to talk about Bon Jo Vi music band, I first started to like them when i was about 15 years old. And I think that their song make me comfort and very cheerful whenever I'm not in good mood. And I love the rock music especially romantic rock. And My favourite kind of music is rock music. And I actually feel that their band is able to give me encouragement to do something difficult. And then I think that they are one of the greatest band in the world.

I like Radiohead! I like Indie music and I think is different from pop music because the letters have content and feelings. Is not superficial, the artists express them... The musics inspiration me, and help me with my emotions... My favourite artists sing for me...

Hi, Rock,soul, slow jam, jazz and classical are my favorites. It helps me to relax after work and sometimes, it's like drink a soft drink water after a long walk in the sun... 

Indie songs Are kind of great & different in the same time..personnàlly i love to listen to the good music with the coolest melody & the perfect lyrics...
Music is good but it's not everything in life!!!

Of course that i like music..everyone like to listen music..for me-singer americans are the best in the world....this is my opionion

i think music plays an important role in our life.when we listen to music our minds go on a "trip" full of magic and dreams.i really like listeninig to music and in my opinion music makes you feel free and full of energy

Well, the only Radiohead´s song that I know is Fake Plastic Trees and I think is great. I love this song, deep and sweet at the same time. And, because of this text, I decide to know more about Radiohead.
Music is an important part of my life. Many songs left their mark in my life.
The kind of music isn´t important to me. If the song is beautiful, I don´t mind if it is a hard rock, a progressive one or classical. Maybe because of this, I don´t have a favorite band, but I like many songs from Pink Floyd, U2, Genesis, Queen, Oasis, Phil Collins, brazilian music and so on.