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Listen to Hermia talking about why she loves the band Radiohead.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.



Language level

Upper intermediate: B2


I haven´t followed this group as the speaker, but she makes me think it might be worth listening to it. But still, I agree that music can have this kind of influence over people, changing our ways of seeing thing, inspiring us to get involve with new activities and specially affecting our mood.

It´s the first time I do this king of on-line exercise, I found it very interesting and useful to improve our listening skills.  

I'm glad you liked it. do more!

Radiohead is an excellent band, and they have very good songs like "Creep", but I think that their type of music is very depressing.

The activity was interesting because i learned new vocabulary.

i love Radiohead is awesome. The task was terrific i learned new vocabulary

I really liked this excercise, i believe this kind of activities help improve listening skills, i prefer coldplay or U2 to Radiohead but i enjoy listenning to radiohead too.. hope my teacher reads this post! haha.

I did!

I think indie it's an interesting concept, the fact that you don't have a big label behind you, avoids the pressures that some labels do to the musicians to play what the label think they should be playing.

From that point of view, the indie bands can explore into many sounds and genres freely, making the creative process more enjoyable for them.

Pop music is going to copy the mainstream, ALWAYS. It's they're line of business, when a new artists goes out, and have success, another 10000 will go out copying some of their style just for sell more records. Also the arrangements for pop music are usually more simple than those of the indie music.

I like a couple of songs from Radiohead like creep or paranoid android, but is not what I usually listen. My favorite kind of music is progressive rock (aka prog metal), however that doesn't limit me to hear other genres and still enjoy them. The music can help me concentrate or wake me up, depending on my humor state, so I try to listen something that helps me on my labors.

You really like to write! Keep it up!

This exercise was very interesting for me, because I learned some new vocabulary.

I like the indie music too. It is different because, like the source of the name means, it is made by independent bands of music and it has a god slogan that says "Do it by yourself". Indie bands do not work with record companies, so it entails less cost, more flexibility, originality and quickly availability of the music for public.

I enjoyed the story in this audio, because it shows how a music band can influence positively in the life of a person.