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Listen to Hermia talking about why she loves the band Radiohead.

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Upper intermediate: B2


My favorite music is Salsa. I started to like Salsa in 1996 when I first listened to my friend's salsa band.  Salsa was born in USA. It was created by immigrants who came from South America to USA in the end of 60's. Salsa is very enjoyable music so I feel very happy and I can forget some problem in my life when I listen it. In addition, listening Salsa made me think about culture or history of South America. Acturally, I started my interest in other latin music like Bolero, Tango, Latin Rock and Latin Jazz.

that is nice essay . this issue makes my eyes opened . and opened to world

music is the life
every thing around us has music
and every thing song.
to me i  love the all slow music

Hi Can anybody hear me ? i wanna improve my English skills but can it make me score overall 8 in ielts.                    i hope firmly  y"all  be co-operative & nifty. thanks .

Sorry but I hate the way she talks
spoiled the subject, not good for learning english

this tupe of music is simular with coldplay or travis
they too make alternative rock
and I think  it is the best way to start day with music

I would say music is the lingua franca of human being and nobody dislike music and song as we shared the same way of feeling, right? Artistic creation do plays an essential role in our daily life, it can influence the mood swings of us. My experience is that when I was feeling unhappy I listened to hot pop music or songs and its effect is fantastic.
What music and song I mentioned above is none other than the Chinese one which is my mother tongue. Honestly, I seldom listened to English song so I lack knowledge in this respect and I am going to do switching because listening to English songs can also improve my English.
There is a song : 'Saturday Night Fever',which is one of my favourite song, I love it very much.

I've discovered Radiohead quite recently, and one of their song i like best is "Nice Dream", because it's very peaceful, not at all aggressive, and kind, compare to some other songs.
And the lyrics is (are?) great, too:
"They love me like I was a brother
They protect me, listen to me
They dug me my very own garden
Gave me sunshine, made me happy..."

Hi OlessyaKZ, how are you? I like your lyric.

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