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Tennis and keeping fit

Listen to Phil talking about how taking up tennis when he retired has improved his health.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.



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Yes, I'd like to take up a new sport. But it's hard to find time for that, because maybe I'm lazy..... ;)

I engages in gymnastics to keep fit and exercise. No, I wouldn't.

Dear Teachers Peter M and Kirk,
I understand all your answering comments on ''since before''. Also, for me to be more sure, I searched on the Internet several English texts with ''since before'' and I've finally got it.Though, my confusion's still growing up, because the Task1/5th asks us:''How is Phil's blood pressure now?'', and it accepts as true the option: ''It has gone down since( the time) before he started playing tennis'', that it's completely wrong, since we know that this fact happened after he started playing tennis (till now).But if we skip ''before'' it would be OK. That was my previous query...What do you think?
Best wishes

Hello Nikoslado,

I agree with you. The sentence is more accurate without before because his blood pressure improved when he started playing tennis (or even after, because it probably was not an immediate change). 



The LearnEnglish Team

Dear Teachers,
please, I need some help or information about the expression ''since before'' you used in Task 1,5th question,2nd answer.These two words are completely opposite and it causes me an absolute confusion about the exact time point in the procedure of Phil's blood pressure starting going down.It seems like Phil's blood pressure started going down before his playing tennis, not after it.Anyway, according to the contents, I chose the second answer, it was correct, but it still confuses me. What would you say?
Ever thankful

Hello Nikoslado,

It's quite possible to use since before like this.

Since is used to refer to a point in time in the past at which something began. This can be a date, a day, a year (etc.) or it can be a point defined by some event in the world:

...since the company was founded

...since I finished university

...since before I finished university


The last example here allows the speaker to provide a rough date - not an exact moment but certainly no later than another event.



The LearnEnglish Team

Hello Nikoslado

Another way of saying this is 'since the time before'. Does that make more sense?

All the best


The LearnEnglish Team

Oh, dear... I always want to start a new sport but I can not. I used to play volleyball as a professional at high school and the university. Now I like yoga when I started, my daughters want to do with me on my shoulder or somewhere else on my body:)
I need to lose ten kilos to keep fit and healthy. I have to start a new sport like yoga as soon as I can. But I do not know when I can start. I hope it happens soon.

Ooo, I`m like that Phil... I`m 29 years old... I cooking, that is my exercise :D Now it`s not good weather, but when weather is good sunny, I like walking everywhere, even I think I walk too much... This spring I will try cycling often, before I go to kangoo jump- ooo these were perfect exercises for me... I fell really nice after tranning.... I need to start again :)

I have never been the staying-fit type through Exercises or Sports activities. I have always lacked the discipline to continue. I am a generally active person both Physically and Mentally. So, I like to think that my daily routine keeps me fit and healthy.