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The Hypatia Trust

Listen to Melissa talking about The Hypatia Trust, a charity she founded to record and celebrate the achievements of women in all aspects of their lives.

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If you'd like to find out more about the work of The Hypatia Trust, have a look at their website:



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I would enjoy exhibitions and lectures, if they are under my interest, if it is something about technology, music, self-development or how improve relationship and influent in others would be a very interesting lecture. when I used to go frequently to church there was a group of young people that helped others taking them food and stuffs.

I enjoy very much joining the exhibitions. It makes me fresh. But I don't think so joining the lectures. They make me bored. There are some organisations which is found for supporting the women. Sometimes I attend such as organisations. I believe women should be not only in home but also in the society of the world. I mean women and men are completely equal. Only they have different features. It is based on their nature. If we set up a totally equal opportunity for them, it is not necessary to create like the Organisation which is mentioned in the passage.

Yes. I does. Yes. There are such organization where I live.

Dear friends,
on the occasion of ''The Hypatia Trust'', I'd like to note that Hypatia -spelt ''Yπατια'' in Greek-was a great Greek woman personality, Neopatonist philosopher, in Alexandria of Egypt, during the late roman years and the start of byzantine era, about 360-415 AD.
She had founded her own School of philosophy, where astronomy, mathematics and platonic philosophy were taught. Unfortunately, she was assassinated by wild crowd christian people because of her ideas, due to be considered as Anti-christian at that time.
(more about in:
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Exhibitions are fun to attend. I am a very creative and aesthetic person. I love to see other people's work and appreciate the beautiful mind behind the amazing crafts. Lectures are okay...if centered around Education, Psychology, Development work, Technology...then it gets me excited. Other than that, I just manage to hang in there.

Well yeah, there is. Though i am not very familiar with them, i am aware of very few religious/social groups that cater for Women and Girl-child development. I am more into Education as relates societal (community) development. I have volunteered for a few organizations and handled personal projects in that line.

I'm keen of going to exibitions, especially about the 1900s painting; therefore I try to visit the most important exibitions, at least in my country (Italy) and, if it's possible, also abroad. I like to attend also the book launchs. In my town there are many organisations which undertake to do group activities in the fields where The Hypatia Trust works.

Yes, I enjoy going to lectures, exhibitions and seminars mainly to learn about the making if great people.
Yes, I am aware of the Inner wheel society for women.