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Listen to Jonathan talking about why he prefers to buy records.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.



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He is REALLY emotional about vinyl discs and record players ...
and the picture is not really relevant to the subject .

Hi ragamin,

If you look closely, you'll see that the picture is actually relevant. the DJ's left hand is using a turntable with a vinyl record on it. The technique is called scratching and it can be done only with vinyl records:



The LearnEnglish Team

yeah ... that's right ... but the topic is about listening to the music not scratching ...

Yes. I had.

I have never listened to a vynl record. I remember cassette tapes. When I was a kid we used cassette tapes to listen to the music. We recorded our voice on a cassette tape and really enjoyed it. Vynl belongs to generations before us.

I really don't care about the quality of music I just like to listen to music every day. It does't mean that I don't care, but I never pay so much money to buy a device to listen to high quality music.
I remember the time people used walkman they put cassette tapes on'em and carry'em everywhere. I've never had a walkman, but I had a mp3 player I was really happy when I bought it. I have always carried it in my pocket. Right at that time I bought my first cell phone, a motorola phone with really low memory to save music. I saved my most favorite songs on that phone and carried mp3 player beside of it.
oh time flys now even CD players disappear.We can download everything we want on our phone or computers. I can have many tracks on my phone. Now people can have a mobile phone and they don't need to have a mp3 player, camera, etc.Now I listen to music using my airpods and it is really enough for me easily connect to my phone and can play everthing.

I used to listen to music on vinyl when I was a child, but now I don't have neither equipment, nor records. But I still have some memories about vinyl's "warm" and live sound, and I would say, it is one of things that I missed nowadays using all that modern stuff. So I have a dream byuing a vinyl player and some classic records to listen them from time to time, just to relax and remember that good old days...

Yes I did. Also I have listened vinyl records because the sound is more complete than a mp3 format. There is a thing, it is a little bit difficult to find a device for playing vinyl records. I am percussionist, I play drums and Latin percussion so I really like differents kinds of music. I like jazz music, but also I like caribean music like cuban music. I am from Venezuela so I like venezuelan music to, like Joropo because I play maracas to. There is many records covers that I like, I remember one now of Steel Pulse made with drawings. This listening activity is very interesting, thanks to all of you Learning English and British Council for let us be in here.

i like this listening activity

Yes, I listed jazz years before, but nowadays have one of them in my country is really hard, personally I like Rock, Jazz, Blues, Salsa, Pop and Hip Hop music, I do not have a specific kind of music, I used to listen Metallica and exactly remind the kill é all was for me a fantastic cover. this acitivity is fun I can learn too much about vocabulary and accent in English.

yes, I have listned vinyl record when I was yonger because my bother had a lot , but now I prefer MP3 sound. I love pop, rock.... al kin of music.