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Listen to Jonathan talking about why he prefers to buy records.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.



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Upper intermediate: B2


Hello, personally I never listened to a vinyl record, and I don't know the difference between them and the cd's. And I don't know if it sounds better than an MP3. In general I like all kind of music, from any culture or any country. I don't have any favorite record cover, but I have some favorite singer like Celine Dion. I think this listening activity is very interesting because it show us a different refashion ship with music, a different point of view.

 it's good.I want you make big ward in  Expression

I want to thank you alot for your effort in helping us learn English.

it's great ,i have studied so much,i still continue .What about you?let's try to oneself's hobby.

With a their millennium D.J. I got the chance to listen up to a vinyl record. I can notice the fidelity difference with CDs but also value how it can be manipulated, say, to entertain a party. I also value this exercise because makes one exercise contemporary history. Worldwide civilization is not forward-looking at all; it just enters the future backwards ruling out serious history.

Hi, I had already forgotten vinyl records, and thanks to this class remembered them and will take some of the attic to show them to my children.
greetings and thanks.

I have no idea about differences between a vinyl record and other record player types, because i have never listened to it. Maybe it's an experience worth to have.
I think this listening activity is a good one, because it focus on the missing relationship between people, specially younger, and music on these days.

Can I download the movies to show to my students?

I'm not sure which movies you mean, because this page only has audio on it. You can definitely download the audio to play to your students.
We don't have any video at the moment that you can download. It's something that we want to do in the future, but there is some video which we will never make available for download for copyright reasons.
If the reason you want to download them is that you have a slow internet connection in your classroom, here is a useful trick. Press play and then straight after that press pause. Wait for some time for the bar to move across the bottom of the video as it loads. Once it has loaded, you will be able to play the video without problems. Of course, you will need to prepare this in advance of your lesson.
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

how do i download the audios?
Is it really possible?