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Episode 05: Good journalism?

Bindyu has done something to save the café, but is it the right thing to do?


Do the Preparation task first. Then listen to the audio. Next go to each Task and do the activity. If you need help, you can read the Transcript at any time.

Task 1

Task 2

Task 3

Task 4

How well do you know how to use articles in English? 



Language level

Intermediate: B1
Pre-intermediate: A2


Hello Aaron,

Yes, of course you can use a dictionary.  That's what they are for!

Best wishes,



The LearnEnglish Team

The busy mate has came back :) what nice surprise!
I started to miss his voice heheheh
Welcome back Johnny!
Regards Learn English Team.

First Thank you very much for this website, i want to improve my conversation what i can do

Thank you for the kind words – and glad you find the site useful! Practising your English with no-one around can be tricky, but here are a few suggestions.

  • Use the comments section here to practice grammar and vocabulary. It's writing, but still useful.
  • Try to record yourself. Choose some of the discussion questions and go to a site like, record your answers,  and playback your recording – what mistakes did you make? What do you like about your answer?
  • Keep listening to our recordings. One of the best ways to improve speaking... is listening!
  • Finally, remember you don't have to have a native speaker to talk to. Maybe a friend or colleague wants to talk English – ask around, and find someone who wants to practice.

Good luck, and keep working on it!
The LearnEnglish Team

It also happened to me.. I really need to improve my English..

.Thank you very much for this useful answers 

Good evening from Spain.
I´ve heard all the series of  "Elementary podcasts", and I´d like to know.
When are we going to have the fourth serie?
I hope not too late.

There's still some work to do on Series 4 and we're really busy at the moment, but it will come out in the next few months.
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

Thank you very much for this amazing website it's so great and helpful

And thank you, walaa Talaat, for your kind words!
It's always nice to know our work is appreciated - I hope you enjoy your stay on LearnEnglish!
Jeremy Bee
The LearnEnglish Team