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Creativity is GREAT - Part 2

Richard looks back at past masters of British creativity at Tate Britain and then comes right up to date with an introduction to Britain's great computer gaming scene.

Task 1

Put Richard's actions in the order he does them.


Task 2

Choose the true sentences for each question.


Task 3

Complete the phrases from the video.


Task 4

Find another way to say the first sentence. You have to use the word in brackets at the end of the second sentence and you also have to use a phrase with an -ing word, like 'taking' or 'having'.




Language level

Advanced: C1
Upper intermediate: B2


I invented a game at six form college called Gymnasium Arts and Craft, which was our ethic and arts teacher's idea.

It was with a mate as our teacher decided.

I believe graffiti is art if it is used graciously. Yes, I do enjoy computer games because it is a stress reliever and the games I play is about cooking but now I seldom play.

I think graffiti is another kind of art. Different people have different ideas about art. Some people are really good at graffiti. And I'm very fond of playing computer games, but at the same time, I'm terribly bad at it. I usually sat and watched my brother play computer games when I was young. Now we are both too busy to have time playing them.

Dear Adam,

Hello! Thank you for the backbreaking task 4, it makes me go crazy, still I managed to answer 7 questions except for #7, it took me ages.(I checked your correct answer, so sad...)
Can you please explain how the regret became regretted?
Thank you and more power!

Hello caryle,

'regret' is both a noun and a verb. In this sentence, it's used as a verb in the past simple, which indicates that this was something the person's mother felt in the past.

Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

hi , this is first time for me in british council web site . iam trying to improve my english languge . i like art and vedio game . i hop to visit UK in the future to see this muziuam

hi teacher, i facny understanding more about some expressions, e.g..

1) let's go take a look, if i say let'go and take a look, is it right?

2)we can make history speak to the present.....make history is like make , the verb speak is without to of because make, isn't it?


Hi rosario70,

1) No, the form is 'let's go' - saying 'let'go' is not grammatical.

2) Yes, that's correct - verbs that come after 'make' go in the bare infinitive form (i.e. without 'to'): 'He made me do it' (=he obliged me to do it).

Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

I can improve listening skill a lot. Thanks.