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Entrepreneurs are GREAT - Part 1

Richard meets Richard - Branson, that is! - and gets business advice from one of Britain's greatest entrepreneurs.

Task 1

Which is the best title for this video?


Task 2

Select all the things that Richard Branson says about good entrepreneurs.


Task 3

Reorder these words to make sentences from the video.


Task 4

Match the words and phrases to make expressions from the video.




Language level

Advanced: C1
Upper intermediate: B2


Hello geortheo,

'I'm off to' is a colloquial expression. It is short for 'I'm heading off to' and it is something that we say as we are leaving when we are going somewhere. For example, in the morning you might say 'I'm off to work now!' or 'The kids will be off to school in a minute'.

I hope that clarifies it for you.

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The LearnEnglish Team

I‘m excited that I have the opportunity to access the wonderful LearnEnglish resources. I thank all the staff of The LearnEnglish Team. I'm afraid I would come here in this websit each day to practice my Listening English. I believe that the resources here will help me a lot in a short time.

I can't guess what  the actual meaning of the words "by having a blast..." by Sir Richard at 01:28 is.

'Having a blast' means 'having a really great time'.  For example:
'How was your weekend?'
'Great!  My friend and I went to a party.  We had a blast!'
I hope that clarifies it for you.
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The LearnEnglish Team

I think entrepreneurs are important people in every country  as they have a  big role to play in their  society because doing business  can helps absorb unemployment and makes economy flourish .So every entrepreneur who takes risks and makes initiatives must be respected and encouraged to invest in other projects and be a model for youth people. 

wauu,.. the greate video,... motivation to be success entrepreneurs
I am very gratefully if this site broadcase the similiar video... I mind,.. video of the person get success from The Britania

To become Entrepreneur  

  • 1.Business Idea 
  •  2.Capital to start a business 
  • 3.Dedication,Hardworking,Friendly nature, Building relationship with suppliers and customers &Know the market needs.

To become an entrepreneur, people must have many factors and most of them were learned in your lifetime. Making a business is not easy, but it's not impossible. You can achieve it with confidence, balance, and brave.

You must  belive in yourself and do what you like to do,and also you must have dream in life and try to become reallity...  

For be a famous business man need you need to set up a goal, earlier  in the life, and you have to work had to reach you're goal. You have to be some quality like -good planer, decision making power, honest, to read others mind, be patience, positive minded, analytical, motivated and others related things. 
Do that business where have you good knowledge , confidence and enough experience.