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Knowledge is GREAT - Part 1

Richard goes to one of the world's greatest universities: Oxford. He discovers some of its history and hears about its famous students.

Task 1

Which of these topics do we hear about?


Task 2

Use a word or number to complete the sentences.


Task 3

Put the two halves together to make phrases from the video.


Task 4

Use the verb in brackets, and decide on the best verb form for each of these sentences.




Language level

Advanced: C1
Upper intermediate: B2


hi every body

i really like this site and i feel to improve my study of English


Hi tareqhizam,

Welcome to LearnEnglish! I hope you enjoy the site and I'm sure you'll make great progress with your English. Please take a look at our Getting Started section, which will give some ideas about how best to use the site, and also read our Frequently Asked Questions page, which has advice and tips on particularly aspects of learning English (grammar, vocabulary, speaking, listening etc.).


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The LearnEnglish Team

I've never been to Oxford and probably never will be, though it would be interesting to visit this famous historical place. A friend of mine has been there because she is a Harry Potter fan and she wanted to see the place where Hogwards school was shot (if I'm not confusing anything). I know many other famous universities such as Cambridge, Harward and Sorbonne. In my country there are very good and famous universities too such as Moscow State University named after M. Lomonossov. I think, universities are important because they provide education and consequently a good job and a better future for young people and for the whole country abd they are also centers of research.

I have never been to oxford
actually most of the people would have never been there
it is like a dream to study there
I think universities are important but the number of universities must remain minimum otherwise the quality of study would become deteriorate

Unfortunately, I’ve never been to Oxford University and there’s almost no chance that I’ll become a student there one day. I’ll more likely visit that great place as a tourist.
I’ve heard that such universities as Cambridge in the UK and Harvard and Yale in the US are among the most famous ones in the world. Well, I discovered that fact through watching foreign movies when I was only a teenager. Now, with all the information the internet provides, anyone interested in this subject can find a great deal of materials there.
I definitely consider universities to be extremely important whether in my own country or anywhere else because the more educated people will be around us, the more prosperous and meaningful will be everyone’s life in general.


What's the different in meaning between these two sentences:
1- It has existed for nine hundred years.
2-It was existed for nine hundred years.

Hello khaled21222,

The first sentence is correct; the second sentence is not correct.


Best wishes,


The LearnEnglish Team

I have never been to Orford but I plan to go there this year. I would be delighted to visit those historic establishments.

Unfortunately, I have never been visited UK and I read also heard from many news that Oxford is the world's top ten University. It had a rich interest in critical enquiry. I know some of the famous universities in the world such as Tokyo University in Japan, Heidelberg University and Goethe University in Germany. I had visited Japan & Germany. Well, why universities are so important because we can learn many things. We gain the knowledge and education, social and relationship, horning our personal ability and skills, respect to cultural differences, and many more.

I have never been to Oxford. I have only seen the Oxford University through the pictures and videos. I hope, one day I can study there.