LearnEnglish for the Workplace: Meetings

Watch a recording of the live event to support our LearnEnglish for the Workplace self-access course.


14 September 2021

What is the event about?

This live event supports our LearnEnglish for the Workplace course and is all about meetings. Listen to our expert educators, Jo and Jonathan, discuss the topic with Neil as well as answering questions from you, the viewing audience. Practise your listening and learn new language related to the world of work.

How to watch a recording of the event

Watch a recording on Facebook or YouTube

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Submitted by Awqaaddi H. Moallim on Fri, 10/09/2021 - 06:34

I just wanted to say, how grateful I am to be attended to this course, and I really appreciate how well I will get some useful from it, and that is why I am saying (Top thanks to you all).
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