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How to ask someone where they got something

Watch two people talking about where one of them got something.

Do the preparation task first. Then watch the video and do the task. You can read the transcript at any time.



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Intermediate: B1


I don't really like goimg shopping, I just buy things I really need ( like higienic stuff, food, etc), and I just spend one day to go shopping, the only things I love buying are videogames, but is not like I can buy a new videogame everyday, I use to buy a "new" videogame every some months.
Regardless to buying by Internet, I think is good, because there are a lot of things you can buy on the Internet, and in most of the cases, the stuff you find is cheaper, but I don't like using credit/debit cards, I prefer using gift cards.

1.How much of your week is spent shopping?
2.Is the internet a good way to buy things? Why/why not?

Not long ago, since I became mom of twins I shop all products by the internet. And it doesnt take so much time, about 30 min takes to make order.
Internet is the best way to buy something, especially products for home. sometimes we dont have enough time to spend it for shopping in the market, so that internet is the best way to save time.

1. I go shopping once a week, usually on Fridays, with my husband and we buy food and household items. Sometimes I buy clothes too, but not very often.

2. I don`t make shopping on the internet very often because I like to see the product before I buy it, to see it`s quality. Sometimes we order on the internet electronics and books.

1. I usually go shopping once a week for household items and food. Actually shopping is not my cup of tea so I go shopping if I really need something.
2. I haven't bought anything online so far. I think advantages and disadvantages of online shopping depend on what do you want to buy.

1. actually, I go shopping monthly, that's because I only go shopping when all stuff in my house is running out.

2. I don't buy any stuff online, because I can't see the real quality of things that I want to buy.

1. Not much. I go shopping 1 or 2 times per season. I only buy something I need. Therefor I try plan shopping in few weeks before.
2. It's a great place. You can easily by needed things while sitting in your chair. Sometimes you even don't need to go to some place for getting your things, you just can order delivery

1. I am not interested in shopping. I only buy something I really need. It depend on my work and time. Therefor went I go shopping I by a lot of things, may be to use for a year.
2. Buying on internet is so fun and convenient. I usually buy my interest books on internet. I think if we try to search, and find my necessary things, we can buy them with a good price such as books, costume,...

1-I usually go shooping at the weekend.
2-No , it isn't because, because I'm careful when I want to buy something.

Basically I don't like shopping , but when I do so I prefer to shop in the Big store ; so that I don't waste time. And in my opinion online shopping is such a great solution.

1) It depends on time availability. In addition, I usually try to do bigger shopping in the first week of each month because I have enough money to buy goods for a month. Other weeks depends on my financial situation & time. Moreover, I do not like to spend a lot of time because time is precious. Occasionally, I go to the high street for shopping because there need to spend more time to find the goods than other shops & market.

2) In the contemporary world, most of the consumer do online shopping for save the times. Actually, we need to spend a lot of time to do high street shopping such as traveling time & finding goods at the store. However, Online shopping has a lot of facility such as save time, easy search goods, discount items, most varieties available and easy payment.