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How to ask someone where they got something

Watch two people talking about where one of them got something.

Do the preparation task first. Then watch the video and do the task. You can read the transcript at any time.



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Intermediate: B1


1. It depends on my situation. If I need buy some clothes or food, I will go to shopping. I don't like waste my time on shopping.
2. The Internet is a very useful tool which I couldn't live without it cos I need use it to buy my lunch almost everyday. Of course, if I need other things ,I can also buy them on Internet though some website tools.

How much of your week is spent shopping?
I don't spend too much time for shopping because I shop for propose.
so , I think I spend only 1 hour or half hour for shopping every week.
Is the internet a good way to buy things? Why/why not?
I have to admit that is not a good idea for buying things on internet. Especially i don't know the quality of the goods.

for my daily basic things i spend 10 minutes every day .
in think the online shopping is easier than the usual shopping because it saves time and physical effort that you give when you go out for shopping.

How much of my week is spent shopping? It depends on the kind of shopping. For example, regarding the clothes, I don't go shopping in fixed days, but when I want (or when I need something).
I buy many things searching the internet: appliances, shoes, cosmetics, carpets, etc. I think that is very advantageous, both for convenience and assortment.

I go shopping about twice a week. Despite the comfort of the internet, in my city I like to go to popular markets.

Not a bit because I do not have to go shopping by myself, which I am so grateful to my mom.
I think the internet is a good way to buy things for most of the time because it saves your time. But sometimes, you really need to be careful because you cannot say things will be really good just by looking pretty on the screen.

I go shopping about twice a week after finish my job. i like shopping with my friends. Shopping make me to relax from working, but sometime it make me have no money.
and shopping online is not bad because sometime i want to go shopping but i don't have any time. shopping online is easy to buy what i want,

Dear English Team,
I found out my English level through the website, where i got 68% for all 25 questions and am recommended for intermediate level could you tell me it indicate how many answer out of 25 questione are correct and wrong.

Hello Omer Gul,

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For me, I go to the market for food about twice a week. Sometimes I go shopping for clothes and books with my friends.
I think internet is a good way to buy many things but not at all. For example, when we order expensive goods such as smartphone, laptop, we often have to face with high risk of delivering.