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How to pay a compliment

Learn some words and phrases to pay or accept compliments.

Do the preparation task first. Then watch the video and do the task. You can read the transcript at any time.



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Dear Bristishcouncil!

What a great video activity! It helps me to learn vocabulary and also listening. Thank so much for providing us a such of useful website, especially for free.

I also have a question. When we say ' I am flattered' that means we are pleased about somebody's compliment which given to us or when we feel that that compliment seems too much and insincerely? like the woman in the video when she asked the man 'Look, do you want something?'

Thank you

Hello Vienna2018,

I'm glad you liked the video!

When a person says 'I'm flattered' they mean that the other person has said something nice about them. It does not imply any dishonesty. We often say it to thank another person for a compliment or positive comment.

However, 'flattery' is the attempt to manipulate a person's feelings by saying nice things. The things may be true or not, but the intention is to make the person well-disposed towards the speaker. When a person says 'Are you trying to flatter me?' they mean that they suspect the other person of this kind of manipulation.



The LearnEnglish Team

Hi everyone.
I like when someone gives me a compliment. It's fun to know that you good at something from others especially someone you really care of.
And I also like to give compliments to other when they deserve it. It feels good when you see the smile and pride on their face. So the person who compliments and the person who is complimented on, both are satisfied.

Hi bellataylor,
Nicely said! :)

Perhaps, it makes everybody feel better!
But when someone pays me a compliment, I become a bit suspicious!

Hello everybody! I don’t find it’s difficult to pay a compliment to someone deservedly. And I feel we should do such things. I’m pleased to get a compliment if it is sincere without any exaggeration although I get blushed.

Hi everyone!
I think compliment is good for our life. It get more motivation in the life.Furthermore, the compliment make our effective in work, but it also bring complacent If who is too depend on it.

I love this video, really useful! It''s wonderful to learn natural expressions and vocabulary to pay compliments. I enjoy paying compliments to someone else everyday.

It's a good video that shows us how to complement someone or what to say when a complement

This video is fulfilling its function adequately.