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How to pay a compliment

Learn some words and phrases to pay or accept compliments.

Do the preparation task first. Then watch the video and do the task. You can read the transcript at any time.



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Intermediate: B1


Hello Ahmedblex,

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Why can't i play the video?

Hello zon hedri,

I'd suggest you download and install the latest version of the Adobe Flash player on your device. If you have a mobile device, you can also view many of our videos using our apps – see our Apps page for more information on this.

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Very useful video, thank you. I think, if you are polite and have good manners it is easy for you to pay compliment. In foreign language you need to know some idioms and phrases so that is a reason why these video and exercises so helpful. For me it is easy to pay compliment in my native langauage but it is a bit harder to accept them. May be because I am modest? :)

nice this site..

hi all members. i ìd like to know some things:

1) Thanks for noticing! tihis expression refers to the past , doesn't it?

2)it looks great with the outfit, the question is may i use seem with adjectives and nouns like look o i can use only with infinitive e.g. we seem to have so much of weather in italy.
3) You’re being modest! it is a present continuos in passive form, isn't it? but he might say: you're modest what is the different?


Hello rosario70,

1) By saying this, the woman expresses that she appreciates that the man noticed her new haircut. So in a way it refers to the past (the haircut), but really it refers to what happened just a moment before.

2) 'seem' can be followed by adjectives, though not directly by nouns. If you look up 'seem' in our dictionary, you can see some example sentences there.

3) 'you're being modest' is not a passive form - it's the present continuous (active) of the verb 'be'. When the man says this, he's responding to what the woman said when she says her getting the deal wasn't difficult. The present continuous form refers to that specific moment, whereas the present simple would mean that she is in general a modest person.

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Hi learnEnglish team
Really You people have provided a valuable stuff here...Let me know if this site provides a forum to practice converations

Hello kashif_me04,

Thanks for your comment! In the future, we plan to offer a forum in which users can contact each other to practise speaking, but unfortunately it has not yet been developed.

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Hi everyone,
I think the actor too much flatter for her. What is the appropriate way in UK culture??